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Easter Sunday

Happy Easter everyone! I hope that today you have a great day filled with family, friends, sunshine, chocolate and fun! If you have munchkin’s around, I hope the Easter Bunny came and left them a few little treats (after all, all good kids deserve at least one piece of chocolate!), and that said bunny didn’t eat your Spring flowers!


Enjoy your day 🙂


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A Classic Canadian Spring Time Treat

* This is a repost from last April with one or two small changes – it’s Cookie time again! Thanks for supporting Girls everywhere by supporting the Girl Guides of Canada

As everyone knows there is nothing quite like the joy of a box of Girl Guide cookies.  Twice a year the Girl Guides of Canada sells cookies – and right now we’re in the traditional Chocolate-Vanilla season. 

As someone who has been very involved in Guiding since childhood, for those of you who don’t know I started as a brownie when I was six years old, selling these cookies is one of the most recognizable signs of spring to me, sort of like that first crocus you see in the grass.  Now that I’m a leader I see the benefits of selling these cookies far more so than I ever did as a girl.  As a leader I see how this money goes to providing programing and opportunities to the girls – it helps us get kids who can’t afford to be there in Guiding, it lets us take them on several camps a year, and it lets us help them complete badges and challenges.

Right now I am selling cookies at $5 a box.  Please support Girls all over Canada by buying a box of cookies.  I know that not all of you can buy from me, in that case I strongly encourage you to buy at least one box from a local unit.  Trust me, not only will you enjoy the cookies, you’ll be supporting young girls across the country.  Thanks for your support, and enjoy the treat 🙂


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