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Evolution Explained

Many of you know that I studied Evolution . . . specifically Molecular Genetic Evolution. Yes, that a lifetime ago, and no I’m not at all in the field anymore. I still love it and find it fascinating though. So when I came across a video that explains evolution in a super easy to understand way, how could I not fall in love with it? I’d never have thought to use a line to demonstrate evolution, but it’s very effective, and pretty good study in it as well ūüôā



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Life just got a little brighter

Every now and then some how I come across something that both amazes me and bring hope.  Whenever this happens, I find I really want to share it, to spread the joy.  The following video is one such thing.  Just imagine, a way for millions, possibly even billions, of people to have light in their home and to still be able to afford books, education for their children and to live.  I can only imagine the hope and the joy such a thing would bring.  And that it is as simple as it really is, that just amazes me. 

Here, watch and see what I mean;


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Where’s The Octopus?

¬†You¬† may or may not be aware that once upon a time my life’s ambition was to be a Marine Biologist.¬† There were many contributing factors that lead me away from Marine Biology and instead¬†to get my degree in Biology (Microbial Genetic Evolution to be exact), but that’s not really relevent¬†at this time.¬† That said, I still have a soft spot for everything Marine and will one day even have a mini-reef in my place.¬† Side note: salt water tanks are super cool!¬† Because of this deep down love for Marine Life I couldn’t help but be drawn to the following video.¬† I exclaimed out loud while watching it, I stared at the screen puzzled and I promptly fell in love with it.¬† I hope you enjoy it, it really is an example of how amazing and diverse the animals on this planet are.

(I can’t embed the video in my post, but if you follow the link below you’ll be able to see it on ScienceFriday.com)

Scifri Videos: Where’s The Octopus?.

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Unbelievably beautiful

Have you heard of the Golden Ratio?¬† I’d heard of it, but never really been sure what it ment…after all, math and I were never really great friends.¬† I was aware that it could be found all over the place in nature, which I find to be very intriguing.¬† For this reason I’ve always wanted to take the time to try to understand the Golden Ration.¬† The day that I attempt this undertaking has not quite arrived, though after watching the following video my desire has been relight.¬† Please take the time to enjoy this video, it is stunning.¬†

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