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Run-A-Day in June update

As mentioned a couple of posts ago, I have set myself a challenge to run every day in the month of June. A few days ago, I realized that I forgot to factor one thing in . . . rest days. Yep, shouldn’t exercise¬†EVERY day, that could cause muscular damage or something. So, I’m going to run every day, and take off every day divisible for four (so three days on, one day off).

Today is day 7, my run will happen in the evening. I already get up at 6 to get to work on time, I am NOT getting up any earlier than that! I thought you might like to see where how I’m progressing, so here is a break down of my first 6 days:

Day Time Distance Average Pace Walk/Run Split
1 39 3.23 12:05 80/20
2 15 1.21 12:24 50/50
3 23 1.94 11:52 50/50
4 rest day
5 23 1.86 12:23 50/50
6 22 1.92 11:29 60/30

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2012 is a coming!

The new year is just around the corner and I’m really not too sure where the old one disappeared to! I just checked the date of my last post and it was the middle of October . . . hum, not too sure how that happened. I don’t even have a good excuse or a good story to tell.

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At this time of year, most people are re-capping the past year, however I’m not going to do that. If you really want to see what happened, go click on the previous post button or use my archives. There are a fair number of posts there! Everyone is also preparing their resolutions for 2012. I guess I can get in on that one. Mind, they aren’t going to be anything exciting this year.

1) Run 10 km (at a time, not over all total for the year)

2) Read at least one book a month

Yep, not very exciting. Hopefully they are both doable. I’ll try to remember to check in every now and then, but I’m not making any promises, you’ve seen how well I do with remembering to blog.

Welcome to 2012 and I hope everyone has a very prosperous year.


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