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A Journey Taken with Brida

I will be the first to admit I’m not a literary genius or superstar.  I don’t know prose from … name some other random literary term.  What I do know, is that I like to read.  Typically I’m drawn to SciFi and to Fantasy, although I’ll read most things that cross my path.  Not too long ago Matt read a book that he then told me I should read.  Here is the part that stuck out the most and drove me to want to read it from his description: It is a book about an Irish girl written by a Brazilian.  Yep, how could I possibly pass that up?

The book in question is Brida  by Internationally Best Selling author Paulo Coelho.  I’m not going to lie, before this moment I had never heard of Coelho, but hey, as I stated in my opening line, I’m no literary genius.

Wow, this book was amazing.  Once I started reading it I could not put it down.  I read it while cooking supper, I read it before bed, I read it on lunch break, in the airport, on the plane, in my hotel room and if I hadn’t finished it before my car ride the next morning I would have read it in the car!  This book makes you think, it makes you look at things a little differently, and it makes you feel.  You feel for the main character, Brida, and for all of the supporting characters and the roles they play in her life, in her journey through life.  I’m not going to tell you the story, I’m not even going to give a synopsis.  Go to your library or local bookstore and pick up a copy, it’s worth the read,

I loved this book so much that I’m already planning on re-reading it.  And I finished it less than a week ago.  As soon as I finish the book I’m currently reading I’m opening Brida back up and diving back into her world.  Once I go through her journey one more time I plan on seeking out the rest of Coelho’s books.  If they are anywhere near as moving and well written as Brida is I have no doubts I will enjoy them.

Yep, I think I may have found a new favorite author!

**both images are from the Haper Collins (UK) website.



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Scotland Part 7 – St. Giles Cathedral

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 Good news, we’re on the last Edinburgh post, and then there are only two or three more posts to sum up the whole trip!  I think I just might get you all caught up before November (and the one year anniversary of my trip) like I said I would.  What part of Edinburgh are we visiting today?  We’re taking a brief tour of St. Giles Cathedral

I already spent some time waxing poetic about the Glasgow Cathedral, and I’m not going to lie, I liked that one a bit more.  That said, St. Giles was amazing and the Thistle Chapel was magnificent.  Apparently one of the many carved angels in the Thistle Chapel can be found holding a bagpipe, I was not able to locate said angel.  The stone work, columns, stained glass and general character of St. Giles was rather impressive.  While I may have a slight preference for the Glasgow Cathedral, I was still awestruck at the majesty found in St. Giles. 

Here is your chance to take a peak 🙂

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Scotland Part 4 – Glasgow Cathedral

** Please see parts one through 3, here, here and here. **

Now that we have made our tour of most of Glasgow’s highlights, in one fewer posts than days I spent truly exploring the city, it’s time to round out the city with what I felt was the highlight.  The stunning and rather magnificent Glasgow Cathedral.  I believe I already mentioned that I stumbled across this gem thanks to the Hop on Hop off bus tour I took, granted, I stumbled on many different things (several unmentioned) thanks to that tour.  I am however most thankful that I took the tour as I hadn’t come across anything that even mentioned the Cathedral otherwise.  Knowing that I could have missed out on this place makes me unbelievably sad.  It was awe-inspiring, breathtaking and humbling all at the same time.  This was one of those rare places that brought me peace and joy from the moment I crossed the threshold – the only other place that immediately springs to mind are the Sydney Botantical Gardens and Domain.

The first time I visited the Cathedral was an hour before closing time.  Didn’t seem like it would be an issue to only have one hour, until I walked through the doors that it.  In that one hour I was only able to glance over half of the building, and that was without taking my time and appreciating it.  For that very reason I came back the second day for a few hours and just took my time walking around, looking at the stone work and wood carvings, admiring the hight of the columns, and gazing up at the stained glass windows.  Of course the camera received a bit of a work out that day!  I won’t spend anymore time talking about this place as my words could never do it justice; instead I shall provide you with some pictures, which if you use your imagination, you just might be able to see and feel what I felt inside.


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Google Exodus

Well, we all know that it’s Easter weekend, and not only that, today if Good Friday.  I’m sure that has some religious significance, but I won’t lie, I have no idea what it is – wait, is Good Friday the day that Jesus died on the cross?  Coincidentally right now Passover is also going on.  *Side note: Hey look at me, I’m learning things about religions!*  Since when we get down to it, I really don’t know much about the religious meaning either of these holidays, we’re just going to skip to the fun part…another video!

I found this video because on of my friends posted, and I couldn’t help but giggle.  It’s a bit tongue in cheek, and full of fun, but so far as I can tell it’s all in good faith.  I hope you get as much of a kick out of the following video as I did, and if it offends, I truly did not intend to do so when I decided to share it.  Enjoy!

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