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Questions and Questioning?

Every now and then you just have to pose yourself a question that is both odd and off the wall, today is one of those days.  I am also hoping that all of my readers, both those of you who comment and those of you who have never commented, will get involved and answer this question as well.  After all, it’s fun!

If you were an inanimate object, what would you be and why?

I’m not going to lie, this is a tricky one.  Would I want to be a book, filled with knowledge, ideas and stories?  What about a fossil, showing the history and mystery of our world?  Or maybe a stuffed animal, well loved by a young child?  I don’t know, I might want to be a stove, a tv, a car, a windmill, a boat, flute, a pipe, a spiral stair case…oh but the list of choices could go on for ever!  Every thing I look at has something that makes it appealing, and most things also have something un-appealing.  Eventually though, I got it! 

Okay, not gonna lie, I knew from the outset of this post what it was going to be, something else already said it on plinky.com (where this idea came from) and I had to agree with them.  It is the PERFECT thing to be…the TARDIS.

I have no doubt some of you are currently wondering what in tarnation is a TARDIS?  For those of you who are not SciFi and Doctor Who geeks like me, I’m sorry, you really need to get a more interesting life.  Think of all the great stories you’re missing out on!  To find out all about this TARDIS thing, go here, keep in mind that if you’re going to then start watching Doctor Who, there may be some spoilers.  I’m sorry, but it really is the best link I can think of to give you.  For you enlightened souls, you’re all considering changing your answer aren’t you? 

Why would I chose the TARDIS?  That’s another easy one for me.  Travel.  I love to travel, heck I might even go so far as to say I travel.  Put it this way, to date me, you need to be a traveller, if you’re not, we aren’t gonna work out!  The thought of being able to travel anywhere through time AND space is just too tempting.  Can you even imagine the things you would see and experience being the TARDIS?  Plus you’d never have to worry about the Doctor leaving you, he can’t!  And when you get right down to it, you have some control, after all, as we learned this year in “The Doctor’s Wife” (great episode  by the way) the TARDIS has always taken him where he NEEDED to go, not necessarily where he WANTED to go.  With out a doubt, I would choose to be the TARDIS. 

Alright, lets see if we can get everyone who reads this post involved.  I know there aren’t a lot of you, but pass this one on.  And then everyone, I mean EVERYONE who reads should hit that comment button and tell us all what you would choose and why.  I can’t wait to see the different answers!


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Old, abandoned buildings: Cool or creepy?

Because I love you guys, all five people who actually read this thing, I’m going to make another attempt and posting slightly more regularly.  If you’ve been with me for a while, you’re well aware that this is something I’m not very good at.  Heck, my other blog, K(ay)’s Days hadn’t had a new post in over a year!  So, today I write following a prompt, in this case “Old, abandoned buildings: Cool or creepy?”

I know there are two school of thought on this…wait, lets back up a little here.  Of course there are, it’s right in the prompt.  Okay, I never said I’m always bright, and I’ve never claimed to be a natural writer.  Back to the prompt…actually, I’m just going to focus on the first part, the bit about the old, abandoned buildings. 

 Anyone who has ever spent time with me driving through the country side is well aware of my opinion of derelict buildings…I LOVE them.  The way they look, the stories they would be able to tell, and the stories about them.  Everything about these buildings I find fascinating.  I’ve been known to pull over on a country highway, just to get closer and take pictures.  I’ve gone into abandoned parking lots to stop and stare.  I’ve even jumped ditches so that I could get close enough to touch and peer into the windows.  These are my kind of buildings!  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to try to move into one, I’m not even going to go into one (unless I know it’s safe), but I will get as close as I possibly can, and I’ll usually take one of my cameras with me.

I will also admit, I can easily see how such places could be seen as creepy to some.  I’m not someone who watches horror films, or even the previews, but I do know that in such movies apparently bad things always happen in such places.  I can even attest that in some SciFi (Doctor Who episode – Don’t Blink…terrifing!) abandoned buildings are rather creepy.  That said, I’ve never been a believer in ghosts or other such paranormal activities, so to me an old building is really just an old story waiting to be found and told.

Maybe one day I will have the opportunity to find many of these long forgotten, and no longer cared for places and to share their stories.  After all, I’m sure the lives that were lived in them were those of sinners, saints, rum runners, thieves, artists, healers, writers, lovers, haters, fighters and everyone in between.  In other words, fascinating.

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