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Forty-two Years Strong

Forty-two years ago today, my parent got married. Yes, they’ve been together that long!

mom and dad wedding

Don’t they look happy?

All these years, two now adult children, and several dogs later you can still tell that they love each other and would do anything for the other. I can only hope that Mike and I have a marriage as strong as theirs has been.

mom and dad wedding 2

Dad can’t keep his eyes off of Mom!

I love you Mom and Dad! Happy 42nd Anniversary ūüôā



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Giving Thanks

This year Mike and I decided to host Thanksgiving supper for his family (mine of course being in another part of the country – maybe next year). This was the first time either of us had hosted a big holiday dinner, either together or apart, and also the first time we’d had his family over for supper! I’m glad to say, it went off without a hitch, and I didn’t give anyone food poisoning ūüôā

Mike’s mom picked up the Turkey for us and we provided the rest of the food. I spent the entire day cooking as the Turkey was a whopping 30 lbs! Now that’s a big bird. I also spent a little bit of time painting on a table cloth as the start of a new tradition. I discovered this idea on pinterest. If you don’t know what pinterest is, I both feel sorry for and jealous all at the same time. Most amazing thing and one of the best ways to waste/lose time.

The idea behind this is that you buy a plain light colored table cloth (cotton) and every year at Thanksgiving you use this cloth. Everyone writes something that they are thankful for on it and over the years they build up. I love this idea and can’t wait to see what our tablecloth looks like in 50 years!

I think I’m already looking forward to Thanksgiving next year ūüôā


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Questions and Questioning?

Every now and then you just have to pose yourself a question that is both odd and off the wall, today is one of those days.¬† I am also hoping that all of my readers, both those of you who comment and those of you who have never commented, will get involved and answer this question as well.¬† After all, it’s fun!

If you were an inanimate object, what would you be and why?

I’m not going to lie, this is a tricky one.¬† Would I want to be a book, filled with knowledge, ideas and stories?¬† What about a fossil, showing the history and mystery of our world?¬† Or maybe a stuffed animal, well loved by a young child?¬† I don’t know, I might want to be a stove, a tv, a car, a windmill, a boat, flute, a pipe, a spiral stair case…oh but the list of choices could go on for ever!¬† Every thing I look at has something that makes it appealing, and most things also have something un-appealing.¬† Eventually though, I got it!¬†

Okay, not gonna lie, I knew from the outset of this post what it was going to be, something else already said it on plinky.com¬†(where this idea came from) and I had to agree with them.¬† It is the PERFECT thing to be…the TARDIS.

I have no doubt some of you are currently wondering what in tarnation is a TARDIS?¬† For those of you who are not SciFi and Doctor Who¬†geeks like me, I’m sorry, you really need to get a more interesting life.¬† Think of all the great stories you’re missing out on!¬† To find out all about¬†this TARDIS thing, go here, keep in mind that if you’re going to then start watching Doctor Who, there may be some spoilers.¬† I’m sorry, but it really is the best link I can think of to give you.¬† For you enlightened souls, you’re all considering changing your answer aren’t you?¬†

Why would I chose the TARDIS?¬† That’s another easy one for me.¬† Travel.¬† I love to travel, heck I might even go so far as to say I travel.¬† Put it this way, to date me, you need to be a traveller, if you’re not, we aren’t gonna work out!¬† The thought of being able to travel anywhere¬†through time AND space is just too tempting.¬† Can you even imagine¬†the things¬†you would see and experience¬†being the TARDIS?¬† Plus you’d never have to worry about the Doctor leaving you, he can’t!¬† And when you get right down to it, you have some control, after all, as we learned this year in “The Doctor’s Wife” (great episode¬† by the way) the TARDIS¬†has always taken him where he NEEDED to go, not necessarily where he WANTED to go.¬† With out a doubt, I would choose to be the TARDIS.¬†

Alright, lets see if we can get everyone who reads this post involved.¬† I know there aren’t a lot of you, but pass this one on.¬† And then everyone, I mean EVERYONE who reads should hit that comment button and tell us all what you would choose and why.¬† I can’t wait to see the different answers!

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First Love

Everyone has a first love, someone, or something, that they will never forget and that shaped them in some way.¬† Most people it’s a person, for some of us, it’s an animal.¬† I have had a few. My Oliver is without a doubt my first Kitty cat love.¬† Our Riley will always have a very special place in my heart.¬† When it comes down to the very nitty-gritty, it was Shannon that is my true first love.¬†

Shannon was already 7 years old when I entered the picture, and from what I hear he adapted fantastically to the addition of a screaming, demanding, attention seeking baby (some things never change, eh?).¬† I’ve heard so many stories of how he’d watch over me, or just move over so I could have fun without hurting him.¬† I remember playing in the basement in Germany and talking away to Shannon as if he was part of the game with me.¬† Really, he was a great dog.¬†

I don’t remember the day he passed away, though Mom has told the story more times than I can count.¬† Turns out just as Shannon took my arrival into his life, I took his departure from my with relatively good spirts…I was only six.¬† If you’ve done the math on this one that does mean that Shannon made it to 13 years – just shy of his fourteenth birthday non-the-less.

So today we remember someone, or something, that touched us.  Please share your stories, or at the very least take a few moments of your day to look back and remember.


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