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She lives!!!!!!

Okay, so I kind of disappeared for a REALLY long time. I’m sorry. No excuses, I just sort of sucked at writing, let alone even remembering I had this little blog. But I’m back. I’ll give a super quick re-cap since I disappeared:


Mike completed a truck driving course, and together we determined that was not right for our family.

Towards the end of the truck driving course we discovered I was pregnant!!!

We took a week long trip to Cuba and soaked up lots of sun.

Mike became a FedEx courier, we found the job that fit our family.

In December, two whole weeks late, we welcomed little Gavin into the world.



The year of maternity leave – I loved spending my time with Gavin

Nova Scotia was hammered with snow and ice – so much so our driveway ended up 8 feet longer than normal and the ice bent the rim on one of my tires!

I decided to enter the world of direct sales and became a Steeped Tea consultant. I love their teas and love the company

We traveled to Ontario twice (once for a Steeped Tea conference, and once just because)

My mom came to visit several time, my brother and father also made a trip each out to see us and baby Gavin.

Our cat, Barkis, went missing for 10 very long and stressful days.

I left my Guide unit and joined a Pathfinder unit.

November 30th rolled and around, and I made my return to work and Gavin started Day Care.

December 10 we celebrated Gavin’s first birthday.


Mike changed careers at FedEx, and became a ramp handler


I finally re-discovered this blog and am now going to drive you all nuts again!


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Forty-two Years Strong

Forty-two years ago today, my parent got married. Yes, they’ve been together that long!

mom and dad wedding

Don’t they look happy?

All these years, two now adult children, and several dogs later you can still tell that they love each other and would do anything for the other. I can only hope that Mike and I have a marriage as strong as theirs has been.

mom and dad wedding 2

Dad can’t keep his eyes off of Mom!

I love you Mom and Dad! Happy 42nd Anniversary 🙂


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is the day of love, the color red and roses – yep, Valentine’s Day. Usually I don’t really do much with this day, actually, I don’t think I’ve celebrated it in any form since I was in elementary school and everyone would bring in Valentines for everyone in the class!

This year Mike and I went and got a few Valentine’s photos courtesy of Lance Lee Photography. I thought that as a result I would share one of the photos with you all.

Picture 098

Mike, the cats and I wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day filled with love and joy. If you don’t have a special Valentine, enjoy it anyway, go for supper, eat cake, and treat yourself as well you would be if you had one today!



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I know this is not new news to many of you, but it’s still one of the most exciting things to happen in my life. That and it still doesn’t always seem real, but I know it is . . . 

Picture 001

I said yes!

That’s right, on January 1 at approx 1230 am Mike asked me to be his wife, and I quite happily accepted 🙂

We’ve set a date, and chosen a venue. I’ve bought a dress and we’ve decided on colors. Mike has been checking out tuxedos and we’ve been planning up a storm. We have so much left to finalize, and so many things still to tackle but we’ve made the biggest decision of all –  we have decided to spend the rest of our lives together.

You know what? I can’t wait 🙂

**I will not be posting detailing about the wedding until AFTER it has happened. We want the night to be magical, special and a bit of a surprise to all of our guests. I hope you understand and I will share all of our joy once the day has passed.**


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Five Minute Friday: Ordinary

It’s not Friday, nor is it my usual Sunday, but today seems like a good day for a Five Minute Friday post.  I know I missed the last couple of weeks, it seems like sometimes life just gets away from me.  That said, I’m back (in a sing-song sort of voice!).

Thanks again to Lisa-Jo, AKA The Gypsy Mama, for coming up with this great idea.  Now if only I can remember to do it each and every week, and maybe on a Friday one time too!  Just a reminder, this is how the whole Five Minute Friday thing works:

1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
2. Link back here and invite others to join in.
3. Go all out encouraging the writer who linked up before you.

This week, we’re writing on Ordinary.  Okay, ready, set…GO!

Ordinary, wow, where to even begin.  My life is ordinary, and yet, I guess in its own way it is not.  My friends are ordinary, but again, not.  My cats are…okay, one is most certainly not.  My world, without a doubt.  I don’t think I do much that is not ordinary, and I kind of like it that way.  See, this way, when I do that one things that is extraordinary, it’s going to blow everyone away.  Sure, some people think that being a Guide leader is anything but ordinary, but really hundreds, nay, thousands of women are Guide Leaders, and that’s just in Canada. 

I babysit, maybe some people think that is.  Nope, just kind of pathetic that at 29 I’m still babysitting part-time. 

You know what.  I like that my life is ordinary.  It means that I’m living a real life, with real people.  There are real thoughts, real hopes and real dreams.  I have real shortcoming, and real faults.  Being Ordinary really isn’t all that ordinary.  I think in its own way it is a very special way of living.  You’re saying, I am happy and willing to be just me.  Not who someone else wants me to be, but who I am at this very moment. 

Being ordinary, and living an ordinary life is what makes me the person that i am.  You know what, I kind of like who I am.  What about you, are you ordinary and happy, or are you someone “special” and hidden from yourself?

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Life after death?

I’ll be the first to admit that I have no intentions of departing this work anytime soon.  That said, I’m a realist and understand that while I hope it doesn’t happen anytime soon, it still could.  I don’t tend to think about my mortality much, heck I don’t even really think of the mortality of those near and dear to me.  However, every now and then there is something relating to death that you just can’t ignore.

This time is was simply an article that one of my Facebook friends posted.  It wasn’t morbid, it wasn’t foreboding, really it’s wasn’t anything even remotely negative.  In reality it was something the exact opposite.  It was something hopeful, something full of life and re-birth.  It was an urn unlike any urn I’d ever heard of before.  It was a Poetree.

An urn that turns into a tree with a simple memorial plaque.  I love it.

As I said, I don’t plan on leaving this world anytime soon, but if I must (lets hope not!), I totally want this to be my final resting place.

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Five Minute Friday: in real life

Week three of attempting this Five Minute Friday thing, and I’m still not managing to do it on a Friday.  Does anyone think it would an issue if I renamed this 60 seconds (times 5) Sundays?  I guess that is a bit of a mouthful.  I’ll stick with Five Minute Fridays and hope that one day I actually manage to do this on a Friday!

Once again, here are the rules:

    1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
    2. Link back here and invite others to join in.

Go a little overboard encouraging the writer who linked up before you.

In Real Life

I know there are people who don’t like to live “in real life.” They pretend they are someone they aren’t, they live in an online world, they never show the real them.  That’s not me!  I love real life, even though sometimes it’s very messy, and a little scary.

I love that real life is things like laundry hanging on the line, phones ringing during dinner or movies (even when I hate that it interrupts).  I love that real life is people, in all their glory and all their misery.  Real life is just that, it’s real. 

The messiness of real life is, yes a mess.  It’s chaotic, it’s strange, it’s different for every person out there, but when my real life crosses someone elses life, especially their real life, it’s something special.  We get to know not only this other person, their fears, hopes, dreams, secrets, desires, ect, but also we learn more about ours. 

In real life is where I always want to live, not in a fake world.  don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my time on the computer, meeting up with people through blogs, facebook, twitter and all the other social media out there.  But I have no desire to ever input myself into a computer or machine.  I hope that never happens. 

After all, In Real Life is where we have always ment to be, and hopefully we will always continue to be.




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