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Camping Lady Baden Powell Style

The other weekend four of my third year Guides and us leaders went camping. We only took the third years that were able to join us as we wanted to complete their Advanced Camper badge and it’s a good way to celebrate the completion of the Guiding program. The girls were thrilled!

Josie, Georgia, Emily and Abigail in front of the Park sign.

We took them to Blomiden Provincial Park out by Canning (for those of you not from Nova Scotia, that’s out by what is known as “the valley” and right on the Bay of Fundy). The really nice thing about this camp for the leaders is that we don’t have to do much. The girls bring the food, they set up their tent, they planned the menu and the activities. We just did the paperwork, showed up, and carted them around some. What a break!

Sarah, Abigail, Georgia, Emily, Crystal and Josie beside the “waterfall”

Crystal and I were almost the first to arrive, Emily arrived at the same time as us. We put her straight to work helping us set up OUR tent and the dinning shelter. Once the remaining three girls arrived (Abigail, Georgia and Josie) we sent the girls off to build their tent. They did it all alone, albeit with a little guidance from us adults. We broke usual form for a camp and had a campfire on Friday night, so by the time Sarah made it out to our site all of us were sitting around the fire telling stories. What a treat!

Georgia and Abigail enjoying breakfast (we made the five berry syrup over the fire with blackberries, raspberries, and bunch berries I foraged, and the blueberries and strawberries from the Market)

Saturday the girls had to feed themselves pancakes (with a little bit of help from the leaders again), and then we gathered up our stuff and piled into Sarah’s and my cars and headed into Wolfville to visit the Farmer’s Market. As it’s a small market in which getting lost is pretty much impossible, we let the girls head off with some money and as long as they stayed in pairs they didn’t need an adult. Let me tell you, they thought this was great! We also told them they could buy what THEY wanted. I saw at least two girls with gelato and another with a cupcake. Thankfully our girls are very thoughtful and each pair bought a treat for the group – one a carton of strawberries, the other a bunch of blueberries. Yum.

Josie, Emily and Georgia cooking breakfast

After our market trip we took them Peach picking. There were lots of peaches to pick, and the girls enjoyed seeing the laying hens (me, not so much!). They picked until our two reusable bags were full and nearly impossible to carry! Lots of peaches 🙂 Then it was back to the site for lunch and a little rest.

Emily, Abigail, Josie and Georgia showing off the peaches we picked

Our afternoon adventure involved a hike to a waterfall, which was sadly more or less dried up, and a visit to the beach. Needless to say the girls were quite upset that there was no swimming to be had. We had no life guard, no pfd’s and no approval for it. They did enjoy dipping their toes and then playing in the rocks. After we let them become even more tired out, we headed back to camp for quiet time and to say good bye to Sarah – she needed to get back home to her little boy.

Abigail, Georgia and Emily playing on the beach

Supper turned into and eventful affair. As the girls were cooking it began to thunder and I decided it would be a good idea to tarp the tents and dinning shelter just in case. So the girls cooked and ate, and I covered all of our shelters. I continue to maintain that if I had not done so it would have poured all night long. However as I had tarped everything, there was no rain. Sigh.

The campsite, with tarps (the main tent is the girls tent, the leader tent is nicely hidden behind the tree)

We finished our night off we TWO more campfires. Yes, you did read that right, two. Crystal took the girls to a campfire put on by the park while I stayed behind and tended the one we had burning (smores were done right after supper in case we did get a rain storm). The true excitement at this campfire was just before while they were playing at the playground. Georgia, who is a little like me in the accident prone tendencies, slide backwards down a slide and scraped her knee. The next thing I knew I had the slew of them come trooping back with a bloody Georgia in tow. I sent Crystal and the other three girls back and fixed Georgia up. Of course I’m a kind leader, so I sent Georgia back out to play, after getting her to put pants on to prevent her other knee from suffering a similar injury.

Emily enjoying a fire roasted marshmallow

 Sunday morning came before we knew it and the girls packed up their stuff, made their breakfast and proceeded to tear down their tent with minimal assistance. The worst part of the whole weekend was what camp next though. Sending them home knowing that I was not going to be seeing them much anymore. I know I may see some of them at future events but I was very sad to say good bye.

My girls and myself (back – Abigail, me and Josie. Front – Emily and Georgia)



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Fundy Revisited

As I have no doubt everyone remembers, last year I took Mayfly to Fundy National Park and Hopewell Rocks.  Well, it was such a great time that I was game to go again.  I didn’t fully revisit the last trip as I only went for a weekend and with different company…adult company!  Wow, totally different experience when I don’t have to fully assemble and tear down the campsite, cook all the food and build/maintain the fire BY MYSELF!  Okay, so I still did the cooking, but Matt took care of the fire.  We took turns with the dishes (last time I did them all…letting the kid go play at the park, aren’t I just so sweet), and we both did set up and tear down.  Best part, I didn’t have to fight with those darn fire pits once.  That’s right, not once, Matt was the fire builder 🙂

Anyway, away from the “division of duties” and on to the fun stuff.  I’d booked us a camp site at Chinecto North again, as both Mayfly and I loved that camp ground and the site were nice and private.  I really don’t like it when you’re pretty much sharing your camp site with all of your neighbours…not cool, just not cool.  This time our site was at the opposite end from last time, and a little smaller.  That said, the sites were even more private and a little quieter because we were far away from the playground.  Don’t get me wrong, being close was great with Mayfly, she could just go and play, but for two adults, we didn’t really need easy access to it.  There was no hiking this time, we just didn’t have the time, after all, we were only in New Brunswick for one full day, and that day was dedicated to Hopewell.

Matt had never been to Fundy Park, and more importantly he’d never been to Hopewell Rocks.  Since it was one of those things he really wanted to do, we decided it would be a great weekend trip and boy was it.  We headed off to Hopewell a little later this time, getting there around noon (which was JUST before high tide at 1230) and were hoping to go kayaking.  We didn’t think to reserve our spots, and so found that there were none available.  Next time!  Instead we wandered around, looking out at the stunning coastline and exploring.  We also got to watch the tide go out at the astonishing rate of one foot every ten minutes.  Yep, you read that right, 1 ft every 10 min.  C-R-A-Z-Y!!!  After that we got to walk on the ocean floor (though we didn’t go into the deep sticky mud) and check everything out.  During this time I managed to burn my shoulders, chest and arms (I forgot the sunscreen in the tent), scrap my ankle, twist my ankle and fall on my bottom.  I’m talented.  Matt, he didn’t injure any part of him self, and I don’t think he ended up with a burn, if he did, it was gone by morning.  Not fair.

I’m not gonna lie, it was a great day, but by the time we left I was tired.  Thankfully, since I was travelling with an adult this time, I didn’t have to drive 🙂  Being as both Matt and I are the kind of people who like to explore and check things out, we took the scenic route, and the scenic route off of the scenic route (a little complicated sounding yes).  Thanks to this we got to see views I’d missed last time.  We also found Cape Enrage, where I believe Matt would like to go next…not sure I’m into that trip, so it might have to be with some of his friends instead.  I’ll admit, it seems like a rather interesting place, beautiful views that’s for sure.  It’s more the ziplining and repelling things I’m a little unsure of.  After all, I’m rather timid about heights.

All in all, I have to say it was a great weekend, and I’d be willing to head out that way for a third time.  Maybe get some kayaking in this time! 


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Fundy National Park, AKA the camping trip

As I have previously mentioned, back in August I took M camping for most of a week…we spent our time exploring Fundy National Park.  This is also when we finally get to announce her new blog name, drum roll please – Mayfly!  I’ll explain it shortly.  Back to our trip.

We left on a Friday morning and after a decent car drive arrived at the park (we didn’t even get lost once!). Mayfly was a huge help getting the site set up and helping me figure out how my tent goes up.  Side note, while my tent had been previously used and slept in by me, I’d never had to set it up before, thankfully it is a really easy tent to figure out.  Following that we headed into Alma for a quick visit and to pick up a few things for breakfast.

As everyone knows, every camping trip needs a camp fire, so Mayfly very patiently waited while I went to start it…three tries later, she was still patient.  After 45 minutes of trying to get the darn thing lit, she was not so patient and was instead attempting to dig an old tent peg out of the ground.  We never did get a good fire going that night 😦

We spent the next day hiking within the Park.  Our first hike was a two hour “Incredible Edible Forest” tour with a guide from the park.  We discovered that you CAN eat bunch berries – I’d always been told they were posionous – that yellow birch tastes like mint, and that there are several other rather yummy things to be found in the forest.  After the two hours we had reached the end of the trail, and then had to work our way back on our own.  I have to give Mayfly credit, she didn’t whine once again all the walking!  In the afternoon we tackled another hike, and went Geocaching at the same time.

Geocaching…I promised an explanation for the new name, at it has to do with this awesome and fun outdoor activity.  To be a geocacher you need to have a geocaching name, mine is FiresAngel.  So we wanted something for M, and we didn’t want anything that would give away who she is.  she picked MayFly, and I really like it, so here we have her new name for the blog.  Makes her seem more real too!

Back to the trip.  Mayfly found her first real cache that day, and she was flying high…so high in fact that she chose the longest route around for that hike and loved every second of it!  The waterfall photos are from that hike (Dickson Falls). After all that hiking we hit up the lake for a swim and a then headed back for supper, campfire – that I managed to get going this time – and bed time.

On Monday Mayfly and I headed off to Hopewell Rocks, which if we’re going to be totally honest is the whole reason I picked Fundy for the trip!  We got there at low tide and didn’t leave until high tide.  We started the day off by wandering around the mud flats.  I got stuck a few times, Mayfly’s hat few off into the mud several times and we both were COATED in mud by the end of it.  Let me tell you, playing in the mud and watching Mayfly have so much fun in the mud just may have to be the highlight of the trip for me.  Once we headed back in, we ate lunch, did some more geocaching, wandered the park a bit and then headed back to the flower pot rocks to watch the tide come in.  We were both very impressed with just how quickly they came in, I don’t think either of us expected it to be so obvious.  We left tired but happy, and Mayfly was sound asleep by the time the park was five minutes behind us!

After all our hiking and exploring we spend the remainder of the trip taking it a little easier.  We did a little more hiking, spend some time in Sussex, and just hung out.  All in all it was a great camping trip and I am planning on taking her again next year, where we’ll go has yet to be determined…any suggestions?

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