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Five Minute Friday: Ordinary

It’s not Friday, nor is it my usual Sunday, but today seems like a good day for a Five Minute Friday post.  I know I missed the last couple of weeks, it seems like sometimes life just gets away from me.  That said, I’m back (in a sing-song sort of voice!).

Thanks again to Lisa-Jo, AKA The Gypsy Mama, for coming up with this great idea.  Now if only I can remember to do it each and every week, and maybe on a Friday one time too!  Just a reminder, this is how the whole Five Minute Friday thing works:

1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
2. Link back here and invite others to join in.
3. Go all out encouraging the writer who linked up before you.

This week, we’re writing on Ordinary.  Okay, ready, set…GO!

Ordinary, wow, where to even begin.  My life is ordinary, and yet, I guess in its own way it is not.  My friends are ordinary, but again, not.  My cats are…okay, one is most certainly not.  My world, without a doubt.  I don’t think I do much that is not ordinary, and I kind of like it that way.  See, this way, when I do that one things that is extraordinary, it’s going to blow everyone away.  Sure, some people think that being a Guide leader is anything but ordinary, but really hundreds, nay, thousands of women are Guide Leaders, and that’s just in Canada. 

I babysit, maybe some people think that is.  Nope, just kind of pathetic that at 29 I’m still babysitting part-time. 

You know what.  I like that my life is ordinary.  It means that I’m living a real life, with real people.  There are real thoughts, real hopes and real dreams.  I have real shortcoming, and real faults.  Being Ordinary really isn’t all that ordinary.  I think in its own way it is a very special way of living.  You’re saying, I am happy and willing to be just me.  Not who someone else wants me to be, but who I am at this very moment. 

Being ordinary, and living an ordinary life is what makes me the person that i am.  You know what, I kind of like who I am.  What about you, are you ordinary and happy, or are you someone “special” and hidden from yourself?


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Five Minute Fridays – Growing

I’m sorry, last week I missed the Five Minute Friday on Joy.  I don’t know why or how, but it happened so you’ll just have to make do with me going straight through to Growing.  Oh yeah, and in keeping with my new tradition, Five Minute Friday is happening on Sunday!

Once again, a recapping of the rules as laid out by Lisa-Jo of The Gypsy Mama.

1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
2. Link back here and invite others to join in.
3. Go a little overboard encouraging the writer who linked up before you.

Ready, set, write!

Fall isn’t really the time of year that I tend to think about growing, though I guess even now everything and everyone still is.  I know as a person I’m always growing, always changing, always learning.  I see it in my Guides, every week they come up with something new, they challenge themselves and they challenge me.  I see it in my co-workers as they embrace the challenges that life throws their way, and I see it in my friends as their worlds are constantly changing, evolving and growing.

Even outside, where it seems like every thing is getting ready to hunker down and prepare for yet another cold Canadian Winter things are growing.  The squirrels and chipmunks are eating and growing their stores of food, the bears are filling their bellies and at the same growing their fat stores.  The plants are putting out one last push before they drop their leaves and settle in.

Inside my little apartment my cats are growing thicker fur and slowing down – that said, they sure aren’t slowing enough to save me my sanity!  They are growing in age and kitty cat wisdom.  By the time the snow melts they will both be a year older and growing that much closer to leaving their wonder years and heading to their mid-age years. 


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Five Minute Friday: in real life

Week three of attempting this Five Minute Friday thing, and I’m still not managing to do it on a Friday.  Does anyone think it would an issue if I renamed this 60 seconds (times 5) Sundays?  I guess that is a bit of a mouthful.  I’ll stick with Five Minute Fridays and hope that one day I actually manage to do this on a Friday!

Once again, here are the rules:

    1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
    2. Link back here and invite others to join in.

Go a little overboard encouraging the writer who linked up before you.

In Real Life

I know there are people who don’t like to live “in real life.” They pretend they are someone they aren’t, they live in an online world, they never show the real them.  That’s not me!  I love real life, even though sometimes it’s very messy, and a little scary.

I love that real life is things like laundry hanging on the line, phones ringing during dinner or movies (even when I hate that it interrupts).  I love that real life is people, in all their glory and all their misery.  Real life is just that, it’s real. 

The messiness of real life is, yes a mess.  It’s chaotic, it’s strange, it’s different for every person out there, but when my real life crosses someone elses life, especially their real life, it’s something special.  We get to know not only this other person, their fears, hopes, dreams, secrets, desires, ect, but also we learn more about ours. 

In real life is where I always want to live, not in a fake world.  don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my time on the computer, meeting up with people through blogs, facebook, twitter and all the other social media out there.  But I have no desire to ever input myself into a computer or machine.  I hope that never happens. 

After all, In Real Life is where we have always ment to be, and hopefully we will always continue to be.




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Five Minute Friday: Rest

Here I go tackling week two of this Five Minute Friday thing, all though it’s beginning to look more like a Sunday thing for me!  Friday was busy, so was Saturday.  Not gonna lie, today was too, but I finally found some time 🙂  As a reminder, this is a challenge thing hosted by Lisa Jo over at The Gypsy Mama.  This week she has challenged us to write for five minutes straight without stopping to back track, think, or edit on Rest.  Doesn’t sound very restful to me :S

Here goes nothing…

I sometimes think I don’t leave myself enough time for rest.  I’m a go-go-go king of person.  The busier I am, the happier I tend to be.  Heck, until last weekend I hadn’t had a weekend where I could just rest for, oh, I don’t know, the WHOLE summer!  Last weekend I didn’t have to be anywhere, I didn’t have to do anything and I could just rest. 


You know what…I was bored.  I was so bored that I got mad that Hurricane Irene really didn’t bother us in Nova Scotia, so bored that all I could do was sit around and whine.  I don’t like to rest, I hate to sit still and I abore being bored.  What does that make me?  I thought rest was supposed to be one of those things people crave,.

Maybe it’s because things I find restful still usually involve me doing something.  Maybe going for a walk in the forest, going kayaking, reading a book outside…are you noticing the same trend I am?  For me it would seem rest isn’t sitting around being still and quite.  For me it’s being outside where it’s peaceful, relaxing and real.  When I have the chance to connect with nature, even if for just a few minutes I feel rested. 

I guess even I can rest, maybe just not in the traditional way that people tend to think when rest is mentioned to them.


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