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She lives!!!!!!

Okay, so I kind of disappeared for a REALLY long time. I’m sorry. No excuses, I just sort of sucked at writing, let alone even remembering I had this little blog. But I’m back. I’ll give a super quick re-cap since I disappeared:


Mike completed a truck driving course, and together we determined that was not right for our family.

Towards the end of the truck driving course we discovered I was pregnant!!!

We took a week long trip to Cuba and soaked up lots of sun.

Mike became a FedEx courier, we found the job that fit our family.

In December, two whole weeks late, we welcomed little Gavin into the world.



The year of maternity leave – I loved spending my time with Gavin

Nova Scotia was hammered with snow and ice – so much so our driveway ended up 8 feet longer than normal and the ice bent the rim on one of my tires!

I decided to enter the world of direct sales and became a Steeped Tea consultant. I love their teas and love the company

We traveled to Ontario twice (once for a Steeped Tea conference, and once just because)

My mom came to visit several time, my brother and father also made a trip each out to see us and baby Gavin.

Our cat, Barkis, went missing for 10 very long and stressful days.

I left my Guide unit and joined a Pathfinder unit.

November 30th rolled and around, and I made my return to work and Gavin started Day Care.

December 10 we celebrated Gavin’s first birthday.


Mike changed careers at FedEx, and became a ramp handler


I finally re-discovered this blog and am now going to drive you all nuts again!


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Okay, so it’s been FOREVER since I last sat down and typed out a post for you all. I have several started (most of them to finish up that Europe trip from a year and a half ago!), but just never finished any of them. You see, I’ve been sort of busy doing something big and exciting.

I went and got married!!!

563680_468477896599662_941627389_nOn October 13 Mike and I took the plunge and with our family and friends around us tied the knot. It took just over 9 months of planning and was over in the blink of an eye. Would I change anything about it? No. Even all the DIY stuff I took on for it (had to try to slash the budget somewhere!). What did I DIY? Let’s see. There were the flowers (all hand made from paper), the cake, signs for the “Guest Book,” signs for the bathroom baskets, the bathroom baskets and the mad-libs and activity sheets for all of the guests. I think that was it, but I’m very possibly missing something. Oh wait, the wine. I DIYed the wine too 🙂

994939_468477916599660_1135976586_nWe had our minister Linda marry us. She did a wonderful job! I had my little Sofie stand as my flower girl (and she stole the show!). Standing with me were my besties Joy (MOH), Sarah, Lis and Hegla. Mike had his best friends, brother and nephew (Chris, Matt, Glenn, Tom and Deshawn) stand with him. Little miss M (who is not so little anymore!) even did our reading for us. Yep, we are well loved 🙂

Thanks to everyone that came out to celebrate with us! Now for a few photos thanks to our wonderful photographer Jennifer Galliot.

1388482_10153446379645532_2131251851_n 1392558_468477766599675_1449360588_n 1415783_10153446873600532_1348012003_n 1458778_10153446278090532_868083241_n1420554_10153449695355532_921083891_n

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Europe Part 3 – Frankfurt Germany

** For earlier posts, please see The Overview and Keflavik **

After we left the “delightful” town of Keflavik, we hopped onto another plane (at 7 something in the morning!) and headed over to one of my old stomping grounds – Frankfurt. For those who don’t know, as a child I lived just outside of Frankfurt and as a “worldly” 19-year old I lived in Frankfurt for a few more week – I just couldn’t manage to land a job there! Though in all honesty, I may not have been trying too hard as I was feeling rather overwhelmed and much younger than I believed I was!IMG_4809

As we sat on the plane, I will admit, I started to panic a little. I hasn’t seen my cousin Verena in 10 years, since I’d stayed with her as that wide-eye 19-year old mentioned above, and I was suddenly terrified that neither of us would recognize each other. What a relief to walk through the doors, see Verena and instantly recognize her! Poor Mike, the German just started flowing out of my mouth . . . let’s be totally honestly here, there was a large part of me that thought I might not even remember how to speak enough to limp through a conversation – totally NOT the case 🙂IMG_6939

A little bit about Verena. Her and my Dad are first cousins – her Mother and my Opa (Paternal Grandfather) were brother and sister. I have some great memories of Tante Grit (Verena’s Mother) and sitting around with her chatting – in both English and German. Man, Tante Grit was one SMART lady. Back to Verena. She lives in Frankfurt in Tante Grit’s old house, which is also where she practices Psychology (as did Tante Grit). This old house in Frankfurt is AWESOME! I love it, I want it . . . sadly, I can’t have it 😦IMG_6926

Back to our trip. Verena picked us up and whisked us away to her home, all the while pointing this out to Mike and asking me if I remembered where things were (for the record, if I looked up the bus number I could have STILL found my way to the house!). We got settled in, and Verena proceeded to feed us a lovely German Lunch – read poor Mike had no idea what to do with the copious amounts of food and courses Verena kept bringing out. I guess I forgot to tell him that Lunch is the big meal, and Supper the small one! Once we were all stuffed, we loaded back into Verena’s car and headed into the City Centre of Frankfurt.IMG_4813

Now, if you’ve never been to Europe, you may not realize that most City Centre’s are more pedestrian friendly then they are car friendly. So we ditched the car and headed off on foot. We walked all over, crossed the River Main (man I love that river!), explored a Mall and went into a very beautiful old Church. I’d actually forgotten just how beautiful Frankfurt is, and Mike seemed to quite enjoy it as well. I think it also seemed a little more familiar to him than the barren landscape of Keflavik.IMG_4853

We only got to spend one night with Verena, but it was one of the most peaceful and enjoyable days/nights we spent on the whole trip. Conversation flowed (and Verena speaks fantastic English so I didn’t have to translate), and everything just felt comfortable and easy. We stayed up late chatting, and in the morning came down to a lovely breakfast (including Kraueter Buetter which Verena correctly remembered me loving!). When it was time to leave we were both quite sad, and wished we could have spent a longer time with one of my favorite German relatives. Fingers crossed we get to see Verena again soon!   IMG_4857


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Easter Sunday

Happy Easter everyone! I hope that today you have a great day filled with family, friends, sunshine, chocolate and fun! If you have munchkin’s around, I hope the Easter Bunny came and left them a few little treats (after all, all good kids deserve at least one piece of chocolate!), and that said bunny didn’t eat your Spring flowers!


Enjoy your day 🙂

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Forty-two Years Strong

Forty-two years ago today, my parent got married. Yes, they’ve been together that long!

mom and dad wedding

Don’t they look happy?

All these years, two now adult children, and several dogs later you can still tell that they love each other and would do anything for the other. I can only hope that Mike and I have a marriage as strong as theirs has been.

mom and dad wedding 2

Dad can’t keep his eyes off of Mom!

I love you Mom and Dad! Happy 42nd Anniversary 🙂


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is the day of love, the color red and roses – yep, Valentine’s Day. Usually I don’t really do much with this day, actually, I don’t think I’ve celebrated it in any form since I was in elementary school and everyone would bring in Valentines for everyone in the class!

This year Mike and I went and got a few Valentine’s photos courtesy of Lance Lee Photography. I thought that as a result I would share one of the photos with you all.

Picture 098

Mike, the cats and I wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day filled with love and joy. If you don’t have a special Valentine, enjoy it anyway, go for supper, eat cake, and treat yourself as well you would be if you had one today!



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I know this is not new news to many of you, but it’s still one of the most exciting things to happen in my life. That and it still doesn’t always seem real, but I know it is . . . 

Picture 001

I said yes!

That’s right, on January 1 at approx 1230 am Mike asked me to be his wife, and I quite happily accepted 🙂

We’ve set a date, and chosen a venue. I’ve bought a dress and we’ve decided on colors. Mike has been checking out tuxedos and we’ve been planning up a storm. We have so much left to finalize, and so many things still to tackle but we’ve made the biggest decision of all –  we have decided to spend the rest of our lives together.

You know what? I can’t wait 🙂

**I will not be posting detailing about the wedding until AFTER it has happened. We want the night to be magical, special and a bit of a surprise to all of our guests. I hope you understand and I will share all of our joy once the day has passed.**


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