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Canada Explained

Like most Canadian’s I love the country I live in, the land I am from. I love the size, the distance between cities, the wide open space and the how inhospitable parts of the country are. The fact that we are the second largest country in land mass, but we have a fairly small population. I also love that while we are so close to our American brethren, we are still unique even while we are similar.

Here is a nice little video explaining Canada to Americans that was aired during the 2010 Vancouver Games. I really liked how it was put together, almost brought a tear to my eye a few times!


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Evolution Explained

Many of you know that I studied Evolution . . . specifically Molecular Genetic Evolution. Yes, that a lifetime ago, and no I’m not at all in the field anymore. I still love it and find it fascinating though. So when I came across a video that explains evolution in a super easy to understand way, how could I not fall in love with it? I’d never have thought to use a line to demonstrate evolution, but it’s very effective, and pretty good study in it as well 🙂


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