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Wedding Details – the Cake

From the time we got engaged until about two weeks before the wedding, Mike and I were planning on having cupcakes in place of the traditional cake. I looked up so many different styles of cupcakes and had decided on a very simple one. Swirls of icing with sugar pears scattered down one side. Simple yet elegant. The original plan was to make them myself, Joy was all prepared to bake up a storm with me a couple of days before the wedding. Then I was going to have someone make them for me. Then I switched back to making them myself – $400 for 100 cupcakes? I don’t think so!


Eventually I decided that baking that many cupcakes myself was never going to work. One week before the wedding I changed the whole game plan. I buckled down and 6 days before wedding baked up three, three layer cake tiers which I promptly wrapped and popped in the freezer.  Then two days before wedding, Joy and I filled and decorated them to create a simple cake.

Insert photo of Mike and I cutting cake!

Yep, I was one of those crazy brides that does her own wedding cake.

*Top photo provided by my cousin Tara Troy, bottom photo by Jenn from Jennifer Galliot Photography*


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A Dream Come True

For as long as I can remember I have dreamed of, and hoped for the day I could finally own my most coveted kitchen appliance. Wait, what does that say about me if my most dreamed for item is a kitchen appliance? Not gonna lie, I like to cook and I love to bake! Well, this year on December 26 Mike made this dream of mine come true. We’d opened all of our present’s and the told me to close my eyes. I heard him go downstairs and come back up. When I was allowed to open my eyes back up there was a large box in front of me. Needless to say, I tore into it! What did I find? This . . .


Not only was it my dream mixer, it was in my color! I have always wanted a red Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer and now I have one. The start of having all red appliances has begun. Oh Mike, you’ve created a baking monster!


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Chocolate Pie

Today is a day for pie. No, I don’t mean Pi day, that happened back in March (March 14 to be exact). What I mean is a day to slow down, get your hands dirty and to make something delicious to share. It’s a big Pie Party across the globe, being shared on the Internet. Last year I was too late for the Pie Party, I found out about it AFTER it happened, through a blog post by one of my favorite food bloggers, Shauna from Gluten Free Girl & the Chef. Shauna was one of the first food bloggers I found after going gluten-free and while I’ve never spoken to her, emailed her, or even let her know I exist, I have enjoyed her recipes and words for years now. Since she was again participating and this time I found out in time I felt like I should try to do her proud . . . so I made a pie, from another food blogger. Wait, was that even right of me to do that? If not, too bad. See I love Shauna’s writing and photos, but I prefer the food that Elana at Elana’s Pantry. She just fits my prefered way to eat a little better.

Since today, the official day of the Pie Party I am out of the house for at least 15 hours, I made my pie last night and took photos of it this morning, at 545am. I’m sorry if they are not great, I was tired and there wasn’t as much light as I wanted. Still, they are pictures of pie, pie that I then proceeded to eat for breakfast. Nothing like a sweet treat to start your day. I know it might be a little late to make a pie for tonight, but go out, pie a pie from a local bakery, farm or market (just not a cheap, generic pie, there is no love and no slow in one of those!). If you just enough time to heat the oven, pie a pre-made but uncooked pie and at least take the time to cook it, cool it and share it. That is the most important part, taking the time to share the pie . . . after all, food is community.

Mmmm, pie. Maybe I should start bringing a few more baked goods back on here, I haven’t shared a cake, cupcake, pie or anything in a long time before today!


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