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Happily Ever After?

I have not shared a video on here in a really long time, bu today I came across one that was just amazing! It’s a parody of the happily ever after ending portrayed by Disney (which you may or may not know, are some of my all time favorite movies!). It’s done by this guy “PAINT” and it’s unreal.

Watch it, just do it!

Now tell me, what did you think?


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Life just got a little brighter

Every now and then some how I come across something that both amazes me and bring hope.  Whenever this happens, I find I really want to share it, to spread the joy.  The following video is one such thing.  Just imagine, a way for millions, possibly even billions, of people to have light in their home and to still be able to afford books, education for their children and to live.  I can only imagine the hope and the joy such a thing would bring.  And that it is as simple as it really is, that just amazes me. 

Here, watch and see what I mean;


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