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She lives!!!!!!

Okay, so I kind of disappeared for a REALLY long time. I’m sorry. No excuses, I just sort of sucked at writing, let alone even remembering I had this little blog. But I’m back. I’ll give a super quick re-cap since I disappeared:


Mike completed a truck driving course, and together we determined that was not right for our family.

Towards the end of the truck driving course we discovered I was pregnant!!!

We took a week long trip to Cuba and soaked up lots of sun.

Mike became a FedEx courier, we found the job that fit our family.

In December, two whole weeks late, we welcomed little Gavin into the world.



The year of maternity leave – I loved spending my time with Gavin

Nova Scotia was hammered with snow and ice – so much so our driveway ended up 8 feet longer than normal and the ice bent the rim on one of my tires!

I decided to enter the world of direct sales and became a Steeped Tea consultant. I love their teas and love the company

We traveled to Ontario twice (once for a Steeped Tea conference, and once just because)

My mom came to visit several time, my brother and father also made a trip each out to see us and baby Gavin.

Our cat, Barkis, went missing for 10 very long and stressful days.

I left my Guide unit and joined a Pathfinder unit.

November 30th rolled and around, and I made my return to work and Gavin started Day Care.

December 10 we celebrated Gavin’s first birthday.


Mike changed careers at FedEx, and became a ramp handler


I finally re-discovered this blog and am now going to drive you all nuts again!


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2012 in review

I started this blog June 2008 – as a way for my family to keep up with my cats. My very first post was about the addition of Barkis to my family.¬† Over the last 4.5 years I’ve started blogging about everything in my life, from the cats, trips, ideas, cakes I’ve made and anything else I’ve been able to think of. The most amazing part is this, it’s not JUST my family reading it any more! Somehow I’ve managed to find readers from around the globe. This is the power of the Internet.

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog. It really shows how much this little blog for keeping up with my family has grown. It’s not a huge blog, but lets be honest, I don’t spend enough time on it for that. You’re lucky if I post once a month!

Without any further delay, here is the 2012 report for Kirsten’s Life.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,800 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 5 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Oliver’s Hide-away

Fall has arrived and with it colorful leaves and cold weather. Due to the colder weather and the very high power prices charged by Nova Scotia Power (don’t get me started on their constant rate increases) we heat our house primarily with a wood stove. I find it cold now, so we’re using it and I’m LOVING it. Heat, wonderful glorious heat. Turns out I’m not the only one who is enjoying it . . .

I went downstairs to stoke the fire and found Oliver lounging under the chimney. Happy as could be. I suspect every time we lose him this Winter this is where we will find him!


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Oliver and Barkis

It seems like it’s been a while since I mentioned the bundles of fur I live with . . . don’t worry, but are still alive and well ūüôā They are spending their time sleeping, playing, eating and watching the world outside. They haven’t been doing anything crazy or exciting. Hence the lack of posts!

That said, last weekend I was off to Guide camp and the cats go to go to their own camp. A whole weekend away from home at a friend’s house – they went to terrorize Matt (since the two of them seem to miss Matt it seemed like a good idea). According to Matt, they were mostly behaved, according to the amount the slept upon return, I’m not sure I belive him. Oh well, they had fun.

Since the cats haven’t been up in the great wild Interwebs for a while I thought I’d pop up a few photos of them. They are pretty cute after all ūüôā


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Photo Shoot

Years ago, when I only had one cat, I managed to score a free photo shoot of said cat.¬† This has meant that since I became a two cat household, I only had nice pictures of one of my cats.¬† Now I try to always remember that they are cats, not children, but I still felt a little guilty about it.¬† Enter Groupon.¬† I was able to get a photo shoot and some pictures for only $30, of course I took it!¬† Okay, so it ended up being a little bit more because I ordered several extra photos, but still, it wasn’t too bad.

Both Oliver and Barkis were stars.  I went in with the hope of getting at least one nice picture of Barkis, and if it was possible to get a nice one with Oliver even better.  Well, they did such a good job that I ended up a bunch of fantastic photos of both of them, separate and together.  Here are my stunningly handsome kitty cats.  (All photos taken by Wyse Photos).



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As you may remember just two months ago Barkis and I spent some quality time at the emergency vet.¬† Thankfully this most recent spat of illness didn’t require a trip to the emerg, it did however require a trip to the regular vet and me missing out on M’s 4.5 km run in the Bluenose (she ran it in under 18 min!¬† I’m so very proud of her!).

About 2 weeks ago now M noticed that Barkis was sneezing, and since cats do that sometimes I didn’t think anything of it, and told her not to worry.¬† Well, when he woke up last Saturday by sneezing on me I began to wonder, since he’d never stopped.¬† Plus I finally clued in that for the last few days he had been crying a lot.¬† What did I do?¬† I got on the phone with the vet and started asking questions.¬† They told me to bring him in, and booked me for 11:40 that day.¬† M’s race started at 11, downtown.¬† There was no way I could get to the race, watch it, get home, get Barkis and get over to the vet.¬† I missed M’s race ūüė¶

So what is wrong with the Cat?¬† Allergies.¬† Yes that is right, my cat, the one that is “special” and has anxiety and urinary issues, also has allergies.¬† I don’t even want to know what comes next.¬† The solution?¬† Give him 10 mg of Benedryl twice a day.¬† Okay, no biggie, stop at the pharmacy and we’re good to go!¬† Nope, of course not.

Did you know that Benedryl comes in 12.5 mg increments, not 5 or 10?¬† I didn’t either.¬† This meant that I ended up buying the liquid stuff, going home, and re-discovering the joys of cross multiplication to find¬† x.¬† In case you ever need to give someone 10 mg of Benedryl it’s 4 mL, I’ll save you the math.¬† I’m sure you already realized what this means.¬† Yep, somehow I have to get a total of 8 mL in my Cat every day for five days.

I’ll spare you the details of what that involved, and how many of us it sometimes took (all three!) but man you should see what Barkis looks like AFTER.¬† It’s hilarious and cute and sad all at the same time.¬† So, without further adieu, here are several photos of Barkis.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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That’s it…

I have been having one of those days. ¬†You know the ones where if you could just give up and quit you would? ¬†I haven’t quite figured out what I would quit but I am currently inclined to quit something.

It started last night when the cats and I went to bed. ¬†Barkis has been being really bad lately so I didn’t want him out roaming the apartment and getting into God only knows what. ¬†Oliver was great he hopped up on the bed, curled up by my feet and went to sleep. ¬†Barkis started the night by going to the window still and being quiet for about 1 minute, then he just started being noisy. ¬†For the next hour straight Barkis would not shut up. ¬†He’d even go so far as sitting right above my head, holding his face and inch from my ear and meowing. ¬†Needless to say by this time my patience was shot and I kicked the cat out and bared him from the room for the next hour or two until I woke up again. ¬†I was able to enjoy my sleep until 30 minutes before my alarm was set to go off and Oliver started his screaming cry because he’s hungry. ¬†The cats spent all day locked in my room after I reached my end point.

Then this afternoon when I got home I caught Barkis on the counter/stove two times, and heard him getting off of it another two times. ¬†So not only am I sleep deprived but also pissed off at this point. ¬†Then to top everything off somehow I spill my freshly made mug of tea all over my Blackberry and very loudly yelled “God Damn Motherfucker” with M standing about five meters away from me. ¬†Right now my phone is sitting in a bowel of Buckwheat trying to soak out all the damp and I have given up on enjoying some tea. ¬†My irritating cat, Barkis, is actually behaving and being very sweet. ¬†I think the only reason I continue keeping him even when he drives me to my wit’s end is the fact he can be so cute.

If I was a drinker I’d be a having a stiff drink right about now. ¬†Sigh.


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