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She lives!!!!!!

Okay, so I kind of disappeared for a REALLY long time. I’m sorry. No excuses, I just sort of sucked at writing, let alone even remembering I had this little blog. But I’m back. I’ll give a super quick re-cap since I disappeared:


Mike completed a truck driving course, and together we determined that was not right for our family.

Towards the end of the truck driving course we discovered I was pregnant!!!

We took a week long trip to Cuba and soaked up lots of sun.

Mike became a FedEx courier, we found the job that fit our family.

In December, two whole weeks late, we welcomed little Gavin into the world.



The year of maternity leave – I loved spending my time with Gavin

Nova Scotia was hammered with snow and ice – so much so our driveway ended up 8 feet longer than normal and the ice bent the rim on one of my tires!

I decided to enter the world of direct sales and became a Steeped Tea consultant. I love their teas and love the company

We traveled to Ontario twice (once for a Steeped Tea conference, and once just because)

My mom came to visit several time, my brother and father also made a trip each out to see us and baby Gavin.

Our cat, Barkis, went missing for 10 very long and stressful days.

I left my Guide unit and joined a Pathfinder unit.

November 30th rolled and around, and I made my return to work and Gavin started Day Care.

December 10 we celebrated Gavin’s first birthday.


Mike changed careers at FedEx, and became a ramp handler


I finally re-discovered this blog and am now going to drive you all nuts again!


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Camping Lady Baden Powell Style

The other weekend four of my third year Guides and us leaders went camping. We only took the third years that were able to join us as we wanted to complete their Advanced Camper badge and it’s a good way to celebrate the completion of the Guiding program. The girls were thrilled!

Josie, Georgia, Emily and Abigail in front of the Park sign.

We took them to Blomiden Provincial Park out by Canning (for those of you not from Nova Scotia, that’s out by what is known as “the valley” and right on the Bay of Fundy). The really nice thing about this camp for the leaders is that we don’t have to do much. The girls bring the food, they set up their tent, they planned the menu and the activities. We just did the paperwork, showed up, and carted them around some. What a break!

Sarah, Abigail, Georgia, Emily, Crystal and Josie beside the “waterfall”

Crystal and I were almost the first to arrive, Emily arrived at the same time as us. We put her straight to work helping us set up OUR tent and the dinning shelter. Once the remaining three girls arrived (Abigail, Georgia and Josie) we sent the girls off to build their tent. They did it all alone, albeit with a little guidance from us adults. We broke usual form for a camp and had a campfire on Friday night, so by the time Sarah made it out to our site all of us were sitting around the fire telling stories. What a treat!

Georgia and Abigail enjoying breakfast (we made the five berry syrup over the fire with blackberries, raspberries, and bunch berries I foraged, and the blueberries and strawberries from the Market)

Saturday the girls had to feed themselves pancakes (with a little bit of help from the leaders again), and then we gathered up our stuff and piled into Sarah’s and my cars and headed into Wolfville to visit the Farmer’s Market. As it’s a small market in which getting lost is pretty much impossible, we let the girls head off with some money and as long as they stayed in pairs they didn’t need an adult. Let me tell you, they thought this was great! We also told them they could buy what THEY wanted. I saw at least two girls with gelato and another with a cupcake. Thankfully our girls are very thoughtful and each pair bought a treat for the group – one a carton of strawberries, the other a bunch of blueberries. Yum.

Josie, Emily and Georgia cooking breakfast

After our market trip we took them Peach picking. There were lots of peaches to pick, and the girls enjoyed seeing the laying hens (me, not so much!). They picked until our two reusable bags were full and nearly impossible to carry! Lots of peaches 🙂 Then it was back to the site for lunch and a little rest.

Emily, Abigail, Josie and Georgia showing off the peaches we picked

Our afternoon adventure involved a hike to a waterfall, which was sadly more or less dried up, and a visit to the beach. Needless to say the girls were quite upset that there was no swimming to be had. We had no life guard, no pfd’s and no approval for it. They did enjoy dipping their toes and then playing in the rocks. After we let them become even more tired out, we headed back to camp for quiet time and to say good bye to Sarah – she needed to get back home to her little boy.

Abigail, Georgia and Emily playing on the beach

Supper turned into and eventful affair. As the girls were cooking it began to thunder and I decided it would be a good idea to tarp the tents and dinning shelter just in case. So the girls cooked and ate, and I covered all of our shelters. I continue to maintain that if I had not done so it would have poured all night long. However as I had tarped everything, there was no rain. Sigh.

The campsite, with tarps (the main tent is the girls tent, the leader tent is nicely hidden behind the tree)

We finished our night off we TWO more campfires. Yes, you did read that right, two. Crystal took the girls to a campfire put on by the park while I stayed behind and tended the one we had burning (smores were done right after supper in case we did get a rain storm). The true excitement at this campfire was just before while they were playing at the playground. Georgia, who is a little like me in the accident prone tendencies, slide backwards down a slide and scraped her knee. The next thing I knew I had the slew of them come trooping back with a bloody Georgia in tow. I sent Crystal and the other three girls back and fixed Georgia up. Of course I’m a kind leader, so I sent Georgia back out to play, after getting her to put pants on to prevent her other knee from suffering a similar injury.

Emily enjoying a fire roasted marshmallow

 Sunday morning came before we knew it and the girls packed up their stuff, made their breakfast and proceeded to tear down their tent with minimal assistance. The worst part of the whole weekend was what camp next though. Sending them home knowing that I was not going to be seeing them much anymore. I know I may see some of them at future events but I was very sad to say good bye.

My girls and myself (back – Abigail, me and Josie. Front – Emily and Georgia)


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McNab’s Island Clean Up

Every year the Friends of McNab’s Island Society holds a clean up. Okay, let’s back track just a little. For those of you who are not Haligonian’s, McNab’s Island is a big island sitting at the mouth of our Harbour. It is also a provincial park. Last but not least, it’s really cool as there are two forts and a lighthouse on it! Anyway, as I was saying every year there is a clean up, this year Sarah and I decided we wanted to take the Guides over for the day. Usually it cost upwards of $15 to get to the island (you need to charter a boat), but doing it this way was free! As members of Girl Guides, and therefore short on general funds, this was a great opportunity.

The starts lined up, the rain clouds held off, and on Sunday June the 3rd we boarded a boat with 200 other people and headed over to clean up. For the record, I’d only been back from my European vacation for a few days at this point! Yes, I’m just that crazy, and enjoy being around my Guides just that much! Over the course of the day over 400 bags of garbage were cleared as well as several other finds. I heard of an industrial vacuum cleaner being found! Even our girls ended up with some interesting finds – we found a sleeping bag filled with sand, a tire from a tug boat and a portion of a canine skull!

We cleaned one of the beaches (by Wreck Cove) for about 2 hours and took a well deserved/earned lunch break – for the record, wow, almond butter and jam sandwiches have NEVER tasted so good before – we headed off to explore one of the two forts. We had to pass Fort McNab on our way back to the pick-up location so we headed over so the girls could have some fun and see some history. I think we spent another 1.5 hours at the fort and boy did the girls have fun . . . in and out of everything, playing make-believe, and just running around.

By the time we loaded back on the boat to return to Halifax everyone was tired but happy. So tired that one of our girls fell asleep three times on the boat! All in all, I’d say that it was a successful and fun trip. I can’t wait to take the girls again next year!

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A Classic Canadian Spring Time Treat

* This is a repost from last April with one or two small changes – it’s Cookie time again! Thanks for supporting Girls everywhere by supporting the Girl Guides of Canada

As everyone knows there is nothing quite like the joy of a box of Girl Guide cookies.  Twice a year the Girl Guides of Canada sells cookies – and right now we’re in the traditional Chocolate-Vanilla season. 

As someone who has been very involved in Guiding since childhood, for those of you who don’t know I started as a brownie when I was six years old, selling these cookies is one of the most recognizable signs of spring to me, sort of like that first crocus you see in the grass.  Now that I’m a leader I see the benefits of selling these cookies far more so than I ever did as a girl.  As a leader I see how this money goes to providing programing and opportunities to the girls – it helps us get kids who can’t afford to be there in Guiding, it lets us take them on several camps a year, and it lets us help them complete badges and challenges.

Right now I am selling cookies at $5 a box.  Please support Girls all over Canada by buying a box of cookies.  I know that not all of you can buy from me, in that case I strongly encourage you to buy at least one box from a local unit.  Trust me, not only will you enjoy the cookies, you’ll be supporting young girls across the country.  Thanks for your support, and enjoy the treat 🙂


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Back to Guiding

** This post is several months overdue, but there will be several more coming over the next short while to get you caught up with my life in the last 5 or 6 months. **

As many are aware I am a Girl Guide leader.  What you might not know is what that means, and what on Earth I do.  The short and simple story is, every Tuesday I go and along with three other leaders keep 14 girls aged 9-11 happy, interested, and entertained while helping them build life skills and knowledge.  Hey, I just made it sound like something that is beyond awesome!  In all honesty though, it can be very challenging – mentally, emotionally and physically – but it is one of the most satisfying and fun things I’ve ever done.  Now that our Guide year has ended, I wanted to do a post covering some of the highlights and challenges of the year.  There will be pictures, however I will not use the names of any of the girls (other than M), and if one of the girls is on here, she has a signed media release.

This year we did a lot of program work, and helped the girls earn several badges, including computer skills, conservation, event planning, and ecology.  We also completed a several challenges such as two parts of the Cross Canada challenge (we had a Chinese New Year party!), the Arthritis challenge and the Cybercitizen challenge.  There were also several parties including the just mentioned Chinese New Year party.  We also had a Halloween party, a Mexican themed party and a Christmas party!  I think the girls (and us leaders) just might be partied out.  We even took the girls camping THREE times (I missed one Camp because I was in Ontario meeting Bit’s little baby boy).

We spent two weeks doing community service with the girls, and since not only did they have a great time with it, I think it’s a good cause, I thought I would share it.  We participated in the Yellow Fish Road Project.  In other words, with Girl Guides Canada and HRM’s permission we are ran around spray painting fish and writing on storm drains to raise awareness about what goes down the drain goes into the Ocean (as in our case) or Lakes.  The girls did so well, and people were impressed enough that they were written up in the Community Herald!

Another large thing we participated in was the 100 year celebration of Guides in Canada.  Along with nearly 2000 other girls we celebrated on Saturday at the Halifax Forum.  We participated in several different activities, learned some great African dances and just partook in a huge party.  There were four rally sites in Nova Scotia as well as several across the country.  The girls were exposed to old uniforms (including one that looked suspiciously like my old Guide uniform), images from the first few years of Guiding in Canada, and songs they had never sung before.  I thought the best part was that while we were celebrating we knew that there were thousands of other girls across the country celebrating at the same time.  As someone who has been in Guiding since the age of 6 it was pretty darn powerful.

Last but not least, the year went out with a bang with our District Spring Camp.  Our until as well as the other Guide unit, the Brownie unit AND the Spark unit went camping on Father’s Day weekend.  In our defense, we didn’t realize that it was Father’s Day when we booked the camp!  It was an amazing weekend but it was exhausting.  The leaders in our unit ended up running most of the stuff going on, as well as being the food providers – so we were played out by the end.  That being said, the girls had a great time and couldn’t wait for their next camping trip…in particular because this time we were tenting!  Sadly I was way too busy to take any photos of the weekend, so you’ll just have to trust me when I say it was a blast 🙂

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Another Conversation

During a conversation with M about how many different things we could do for $11000 (the cost of a dress on “Say Yes to the Dress”)


M: Now I want to steal that dress…but I don’t know where she lives.

pauses to think for a minute

M: I’d go after the wedding at the party when she changes, no wait, I’d go see her in the bathroom and ask to see her dress off of her.  And then I’d tell her to leave because I need to go to the bathroom.  Then I’d stuff it in my purse…

Me: I think it might be hard to get in in a purse

M: Then I’d stuff it into a coffin….

Me: doubled over laughing at this point

M: I’d get the coffin by taking the dead body out, and then I’d bring it with me…


I honestly have no idea what came next, I was laughing too hard by now.  Oh children!


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Okay, so this is a little delayed and lacking in photos as for some stupid reason I didn’t pull out my camera once!  But last Wednesday M hit the double digits.  The double digits people!  That’s almost a teenager…OMG, we’re all doomed.

Well, I supposed not ALL off us are doomed, however those of us who live with her are hunkering down preparing the teenage storm that might hold off until the teens, but could just as easily start tomorrow :S

C and I lucked out and it was our week to have M for this big day.  The three of us, C’s ex and his parents all went out for supper with M.  It was quite nice, and needless to say with that many adults with almost all attention on M she was rather spoilt!  Once we managed to drag M home I pulled out a few of the cupcakes I lovingly made for (and forgot to photograph).  Mmmm, they were so good that I am not thankful they are all gone and that I am going to bootcamp with several of my friends on Wednesday.

Well, I can honestly say that M had a great birthday.  The cats bought her a notebook so when she can’t tell them all her thoughts she can write it down as if they were there with her.  I got her a super cute pair of shorts and several out side games – the badminton rackets were the biggest hit – and C got M clothes and a new computer!  Lucky kid.

So, if you’d be so kind, send M some wonderful belated happy birthday wishes!  I know she’s appreciate them 🙂

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