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An Oldfashioned Pastime

It seems that every one I know is either expecting a baby or just had one – and by everyone, I mean two of my best friends/Bridesmaids and another close friend of Mike’s and mine. I figured with all these baby’s popping up around us, something needed to be done.

Now, before you get excited, I’m not expecting! I’ve only been married about 4 months!!! Instead, I let my creative juices start flowing and I’ve taken up quilting. I’m going to give a little teaser, but since my first completed quilt is a gift, I’m not showing the whole thing 🙂 Who know, you might bet a peaks of the next ones I do too!

IMG_1126Don’t worry, I didn’t sew Barkis into the quilt. That said, he’s a huge fan of “helping” me make them!


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Cape Breton

Back in mid-June two of the other Guide leaders, Sarah T and Sarah G both of who I’m going to refer to by their last initial, and myself went camping in Cape Breton for a weekend.  G was planning on moving back to Ontario during the summer and really wanted to see some more of Nova Scotia before leaving.  Considering that I’d only been once before I was more than game, and T loves going to Cape Breton and had lots of great suggestions for us.  The fourth leader, Cashelle, really wanted to come, but she needed to work 😦

We were lucky enough to spend two nights staying in the Highlands national park and spent ALL day Saturday hiking.  The first hike we tackled was “Franny” and it was a super challenging hike, it gave the one I did last year with Uncle Norm a run for its money.  I honestly can’t remember how long it took us to reach the top, but once we did I was glad we didn’t give up.  The view was well worth the work of getting up there, though we were all more than happy to take a rest, eat some food, drink some water and gaze out at the amazing scenery.  After a good long rest and some posing for photos we headed back down.  On the way back my old knee injury decided to make itself known again, and I spent a “great” stroll down limping and wincing.

In spite of the fact that my knee was in considerable pain we keep up the hiking and exploring.  We headed off to find a nice spot for lunch, and after eating noticed that there were a couple of geocaches near by and headed off to find them.  This search took us through another few trails…being Guide leaders we decided to ignore the trail in one or two places.  Thank goodness we did, we stumbled upon one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen.  We did eventually locate the cache, along with 11 others over the course of the weekend – however I was not yet registered with the site, so I didn’t log any of them 😦

After a very satisfying pasta supper we headed out to “Middle Head” to tackle yet another hike.  All I have to say is thank goodness it was a relatively flat hike as by that point my knee was not agreeing to anything down hill.  As we rounded the corner to Middle Head we noticed there was a giant cloud/fog covering the whole area, while the sun shone strongly everywhere else.  Of course we didn’t let that stop us, and as a result we got the privilege of seeing some amazing weather changes.  By the time we made it back to the car G was also limping and the two of us looked like little old ladies!

All in all, it was a great weekend, and a really fun way to end off our Guide year.  While this year only T and I are still leaders, I’m hoping that we’ll be able to have equally fun adventures (stay tuned for the Cape Split hike!).


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We’re going to the chapel

and we’re gonna get married.

Okay, I’m not getting hitched thank-you very much!  However one of my really good friends just married the love of his life and I wanted to share a little of this wonderful day.

The wedding was held in the Valley, in a beautiful church with wonderful old wooden pews and a magnificent wooden ceiling.  I didn’t get many photos simply because the lighting really wasn’t great for pictures.  We then went to a reception at the “Old Orchard Inn” and had a great meal, and fantastic night.  M was out on the dance floor as if she was a full-fledged party girl!  Oh the teenage years terrify me.

I think James made a very dashing Groom, and his bride Christina was simply glowing.  All in all it was a grand time, and makes me look forward to the next time one of my friends gets married (I’m sure there is another engagement coming up, we are in that age range).

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