About Me

Kirsten’s Life is a place for my friends and family to keep up with my life, whether it be the day-to-day stuff here in Halifax, or my larger adventures when I travel.

I started Kirsten’s Life June 2008 when I brought home my second cat – Barkis – as a way to introduce him to my family.  While you will still find many a post dedicated to my cats, the others being Oliver, Bianca and Fatfat, this blog has now been expanded to include anything of interest to me, and what I think will interest and/or amuse those people in my life I rarely am able to see. You will hopefully see many a glimpse into my life along with that of my husband, Mike. He is the support staff for “KirstensLife,” and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Several of my posts will be heavy on photography as that is one of my great interests.  I hope to continue to expand and to become a better writer as well as a better photographer.  However, should you wish to follow my progress as a photographer, please come see me at my photoblog, K(ay)’s Days.