501 Destinations

I have a book that lists 501 Must See places and one of my big goals in my life is to visit every one of these places and then some!

I suspect this will take the rest of my life (here’s to hoping I live long enough!) and lots of vacation time.  I wanted a place in my little blogosphere where I could compile every adventure I take, both from the official list and from where ever else my heart desires) and easily share it with you, my readers.  So keep your eyes open for whenever I get to add another link to one of the sub-pages (I’ll be doing them by region instead of by destination).

Lets get traveling!







PS – All sites that are from the book 501 Destinations will be marked with a star (*). The rest are just ones I visited and wanted to share with you 🙂


2 responses to “501 Destinations

  1. Shannon

    100% awesome! 😀
    I look here http://whc.unesco.org/en/list whenever I want to dream of travel. It’s a challenge when there’re so many neat places to travel and only two weeks of vacation a year! Somewhere (I wrote it on a piece of paper and promptly misplaced it 😛 ) I made a list of the top 35 places (figuring a conservative estimate of 1 overseas vacation of 2 weeks per year between now and retirement) and my top three in order are Trans-Siberian train (Russia/Mongolia/China) for Christmas in Siberia, camping in national and provincial parks in South Africa, and Japan (specific objectives yet to be determined).
    Looking forward to hearing about your travels!

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