New Apart . . . wait, HOUSE!

**I wrote this post back in October and forgot to publish it! Well, now you can finally see the house!**

Okay, so maybe it isn’t exactly new at this point since I moved in back in June, but I haven’t done the post yet . . . let’s use our imaginations and pretend that today is July 15th and we’ve just finished unpacking all of my stuff and getting our house set up. Ready to go on the tour with me? We’ll start upstairs;

The dinning room, love the built in for wine glasses and uncommonly used items.

From the dinning room you can look straight down to the entrance (we are a split level home).

This is our living room. Huge windows means lots of light, which means I’m super happy šŸ™‚

Our surprisingly spacious spare room. Yes, we are willing to welcome visitors šŸ™‚ There is a bathroom beside it, but didn’t feel we needed photos of it!

The kitchen. I seem to spend a fair amount of time in here – I do love to cook and bake after all!

Now onto the basement – I chose not to photograph the bathroom and laundry room, so we only get to visit two places;

The master bedroom. Again, nice large windows, lots of space and a pretty good sized closet.

My crafting/sewing room/library. I LOVE this room. I can go down here, get creative, make something, pick a book/magazine to read.



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7 responses to “New Apart . . . wait, HOUSE!

  1. Mel

    Gorgeous place! I will be doing this soon myself!

  2. Looks super cute and cozy, Kirsten. Congrats!

    • kirstenh

      Thanks Susie! Should you and Dan ever decide you want to visit NS let me know, you’re more than welcome to stay with us šŸ™‚

  3. Mum

    It looks lovely and very cozy. We will probably come and see you late spring, after Florida and before puppy:)

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