Thirty Years Young

Yesterday I officially left behind my twenties and entered my thirties.

Unlike many people, this doesn’t phase me one little bit . . . then again, turning 19, 21, or 25 didn’t either. Maybe I’m crazy, but birthday’s have never been a huge deal to me. That said, I’m not going to say “No” if just because I was born on a certain day people want to spoil me!

I was spoiled by everyone, what a great treat ūüôā At work my co-workers got a fruit tray, card and some cash (we always treat each other, but every year it still feels amazing), emails and Facebook messages from friends and family all over the world, a visit from Mikes Mom Karen, calls from my brother and parents, and a supper out with Mike. Oh yeah, and presents, can’t forget those as they are super exciting this year!

I guess I’ll start with the¬†gifts and then go into the amazing and wonderful supper Mike took me out for! Karen and Don (Mike’s parents) gave me a bunch of vegetable plants and herbs for my garden. I am going to have to do some more planting and possibly even pick up a few planters to make everything fit! Yummy! They also gave me a lovely card and gift certificates to one of my all time favorite stores, Planet Organic. My parents are buying me a new camera lens – guess it’s time for me to go spend a few hours at Henry’s¬†comparing and trying all the lenses I have been considering! Mike spoiled me rotten with a box of my favorite gluten-free cookies (from the cats), a gift certificate, a beautiful card and a tripod! It was a photography heavy selection and I couldn’t be more happy about it! Time for me to start getting a little better at this whole taking pictures thing!

Not only did I get spoiled with all of the above gifts, as I mentioned Mike took me out for supper. I had requested going to Chives Canadian Bistro for supper and boy did he come through! Not only did he make reservations he ended up getting us in the vault. See, Chives is based in an old bank and the vault is still there. What they have done is turn it into a small private dinning room and the wine cellar. So we got to enjoy and amazing supper with friendly service in near absolute privacy.

I don’t even know where to start talking about our meal. It was amazing, no wait, it was incredible . . . still not enough. Maybe divine is an appropriate description. It was just that good. Every bite I put in my mouth made me melt. The flavors were perfect, nothing was too strong, nothing too light. Everything was a perfect balance. The following was our menu (as pulled from their online Menu):


Swiss gruyere, summer “ratatouille”, chipotle¬†aioli¬†


Sour¬†cream and spring onion potato¬†puree, wilted market greens, pickled fiddleheads, cape breton¬†mustard pickles, gew√ľrztraminer¬†buerre blanc

Garlic and herb marinated chicken breast, smoked new potato salad, ham hock baked beans, southern slaw, cherry tomato salad, bourbon barbecue sauce



I would go back in a heartbeat. I also will now gladly recommend Chives to everyone and anyone. Added bonus, they mark on their menu which items are gluten-free, and which have a gluten-free option. What a treat for me!

All in all, I had an amazing thirtieth Birthday. Let’s hope they don’t go downhill from here!



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2 responses to “Thirty Years Young

  1. Karen

    Hi Kristen, what a fantastic day June 27th was for you. You would be a super food critic that’s for sure. So happy everything about your day went perfectly for u.

    Karen, Don

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