Scotland Part 10 – the last photos

** For Glasgow posts please check parts 1, parts 2, parts 3 and parts 4 of my trip!**

**For Edinburgh posts please check part 5part 6, and part 7 of my trip**

**For the Highlands please check part 8 of my trip**

**For the town of Stirling, Stirling Castle and the Wallace Monument, please check part 9 of my trip**

In the last 9 posts spread out over the last year I’ve covered a lot of stories, and a fair number of pictures.  That said, I took well over 1500 photos of my trip, and after cutting out all the crappy through alright photos I was left with about 600.  As you may have noticed, I didn’t share that many with you.  Don’t worry, I’m not about to throw hundreds up here.  I am however going to share a few more, some of my favorites that just didn’t make the cut for each post.  I hope you enjoy them…

The Glasgow Council Chamber – the Scottish version of a City Hall

Some of the marble found in the Glasgow Council Chambers

More of the incredible marble.  I’ve never seen so much marble in one place before!

Some classic red phone booths – as seen on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, it was the sight of this structure that caused me to fall in love with the city

Me in front of the Locks at Loch Ness – Fort Augustus

A Scottish flag flying at Loch Ness

A police box!  Sadly this one didn’t appear to be the T.A.R.D.I.S as the Doctor never appeared

My favorite statue in the Glasgow Botanic Gardens greenhouse.  I kept coming back to this one.

Some rather awesome looking doorways in Stirling Castle

Wallace Monument



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  1. I have to visit Scotland, definitively!

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