Life after death?

I’ll be the first to admit that I have no intentions of departing this work anytime soon.  That said, I’m a realist and understand that while I hope it doesn’t happen anytime soon, it still could.  I don’t tend to think about my mortality much, heck I don’t even really think of the mortality of those near and dear to me.  However, every now and then there is something relating to death that you just can’t ignore.

This time is was simply an article that one of my Facebook friends posted.  It wasn’t morbid, it wasn’t foreboding, really it’s wasn’t anything even remotely negative.  In reality it was something the exact opposite.  It was something hopeful, something full of life and re-birth.  It was an urn unlike any urn I’d ever heard of before.  It was a Poetree.

An urn that turns into a tree with a simple memorial plaque.  I love it.

As I said, I don’t plan on leaving this world anytime soon, but if I must (lets hope not!), I totally want this to be my final resting place.


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  1. Mum

    I also love it, but are you sure these are the remains of a loved one, not just an urn with dirt? If so, maybe this is a good idea for Dad and me, you and Bri can share custody!! But seriously, something for people to think of.

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