Cape Breton 2011

Time for a little bit of back tracking!  Back in early/mid May I got to head up to Cape Breton for a camping weekend with Matt and our friends Matt and Mel (gonna call him M2 – too confusing to have two Matts!).  Not gonna lie, I felt a little left out, my name doesn’t start with a M, and I have smaller feet than the other three (they all have the same foot size!).  That said, M2 and Mel are two of my favorite people to hand out with, so it made the weekend seem even more promising 🙂

If I remember correctly, Mel was the only one of us who had never been to Cape Breton before.  M2 and I both spent our time growing up in Boy Scouts and Girl Guides, so we’re both used to tenting it.  Matt grew up spending TONS of time doing outdoor things and is a great source of info/fire building skills 😛  Mel, she was learning from us in the camping department.

We had a really rainy and rather chilly weekend…okay, by the time we crawled into our tents and sleeping bags I was shivering rather uncontrollably on Friday night.  It was so wet and rainy that Matt wasn’t able to get a fire going (which is saying a lot).  I didn’t complain about the cold, not once, but Matt noticed pretty quickly that I was crazy cold.  Apparently I should have mentioned it!  Who knew?

On the Saturday we all slept in, as it was still rather damp (read still raining) and therefore we were in no rush to get out there.  We finally stumbled out of our tents, made lunch and hopped in the car to check out the famous Cabot Trail.  I’d seen it several years ago with Lis, and again last year with Sarah and Sarah G, but I was quite excited to see it again.  It is amazing after all.  We spent the afternoon driving it, getting out, taking pictures and commenting about the beauty.  Never gets old.  That night Matt built a roaring and warm fire, which we all gladly spent our time around.  As a result, I wasn’t shivering come bed time 🙂

Sunday wasn’t all that exciting.  We got up, made breakfast, tore down the tents/camp site, loaded the car and headed back out on the road.  We did take a wrong turn somewhere and ended up taking a quick cable ferry ride, but hey, it just added to the adventure.  I don’t remember the rest of the trip home, as apparently the weekend tired me out.  I slept…yep, slept, you read that right.  I guess there really is a first for everything!

We’ve had some talk of doing another trip in the fall, but when there would be time for that is another question.  Matt and I managed to have almost all of our weekends booked up (see Fundy and the upcoming Kayak obtaining posts) and now the next weekend that were BOTH in town isn’t until mid October!  Maybe it will have to be another spring trip.


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