Rainy Day Beauty

Today is a rainy day.  The sky is grey, the grass is slick, and the harbour is foggy.  It’s a day to stay inside with a cup of tea (or hot lemon water as the case may be), a good book and a crackling fire.  It’s a day for cats to curl up close by and to purr contentedly – granted, mine are both nowhere near me!  It’s the kind of day that makes you long for balmy Summer evenings, or even cool crisp, yet sunny Winter days.  None of this middle of the road, neither hot nor cold, miserable no good weather.

It’s also the kind of day where you get to see things like this:

And if you look a little closer, and you’re feeling at least a little brave, something like this:

Let’s be honest, I have no issues with Spiders, so I was able to get in even closer yet, where I got to privilege of capturing this:

Rain drops may have been falling on my head, but they were clinging to this little guy for dear life!  As amazing as spiders are on a normal day, there is something almost magical about spiders, and their nets, when there are drops of water weighing them down.

Lets end with one more look at the amazing patterns and strength you can find in nature, or this case, my own back yard!

I love our Earth and all the creatures that inhabit it!


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One response to “Rainy Day Beauty

  1. Mum

    Beautiful way to spend a rainy afternoon.

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