Yet another apartment

After two great years of having Mayfly and her Mom C as my roommates it was time for us all to move on.  C bought a condo and wanted to move in with her boyfriend and frankly I was ready to try this living alone thing.  For this reason as of June 30 we officially stopped being roommates and said good-bye to the old place.  To be fully honest, we had unofficially stopped being roommates mid-May when C and Mayfly moved into the condo, but I still think of them as my roommates! 

I decided to go wild and crazy with this move and get a one bedroom apartment all to myself, my only roommates are the cats (who have taken quite well to this situation I might add, though I think Barkis does miss Mayfly).  My own apartment…awesome!  I then decided to take it a step further and move across the harbour and join the Darkside.  Yep, that’s right, I am not in Halifax anymore, but instead am living in Dartmouth.  It’s a little weird being on the same side of the bridge as work, my dentist and my vet, but so far so good.  Of course I’m still crossing the bridge to hang out with people, for Guiding related stuff, doctor visits and babysitting.  That said, I’m glad I made the move, rent is cheaper on this side, it only takes me 5 or so minutes to get to work, I have outside space (deck and grass) and a working wood fireplace.  Yep, a fireplace – that was the big selling point of my new home.

Let’s start the tour (feel free to compare to the last two apartments by going here or here).

From the living room through to the dinning room.  Right behind the fish tank is the way to the washroom and bedroom.  The door right behind my table is the storage room/hot water heater room.  The kitchen and front door are in the very back.

Looking through the dinning room to the living room (note the FIREPLACE!!!).  That sliding door leads to this…

A backyard of sorts!  I can hang ALL my laundry (sheets included), BBQ, or pull out my folding chair and enjoy a book and beverage 🙂

My kitchen.  I love that it’s larger than most apartment kitchens and it came with a dishwasher!  So much easier to keep the cats out of things and off the counter when I can just load dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

The bathroom…nothing else to say about it really.

Last but not least, my bedroom.  You can’t really tell from this picture but it’s quite large, larger than the last two!

I hope you all enjoyed the quick tour of my new place, it’s not too shabby eh?  Most importantly, it has a fireplace!  In case you’re wondering, that is the reason I chose this place, simply for the fireplace.



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5 responses to “Yet another apartment

  1. Congratulations on the apt.! I bet it’s different living alone. I know the building. It’s hard enough to find a dishwasher in the HRM lol, let alone a working fireplace! And let’s not even forget the outside space… Enjoy it! Do you have any issues with cigarette butts and trash being thrown from the balconies above you? People can be so inconsiderate sometimes.

    • kirstenh

      It is different, but so far I really like it! You’re right, it is pretty hard to find a dishwasher, working fireplace OR outside place, so all three, yep, pretty much only a few buildings in the whole of HRM it could be! I haven’t had cigarette butts yet, though I did get a few pepsi cans one night – but I figure I’ll get money for them, so no big deal 🙂

  2. GG

    Wow that looks really nice! Hope you feel home for a long time!

  3. Mum

    I love it!!! I have been wondering what it looked like, so thank you. If I bring or borrow a mattress could I sleep on you livingroom floor? So looking forward to seeing the fireplace in action.

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