Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

As you may be aware I enjoy taking photos.  You might have also noticed that I have a hard time posting regularly (getting better about it though!).  For this reason I like to take on the occasional challenge, for example in April when I attempted to post daily.  Okay, so it didn’t work perfectly, but it did help me get better at posting a little more often!  For this reason I’ve decided to take on another challenge, a weekly one.  It’s a photo challenge meaning every week there will a prompt and I’m expected to take a photo related to this prompt.  Some weeks I’ll go out and take a new photo, other times I’ll pull one of the many I haven’t yet shared. 

There is one catch though.  I won’t be posting the photos here on Kirsten’s Life.  Instead they will all be over on K(ay)’s Days, my photography blog.  I will link every week from here to there though.  I hope you enjoy this challenge and the hopeful promise that there will at least one post a week!

Come on over to K(ay)’s Days and check it out!


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