Five Minute Friday:Older

I recently came across another blogging challenge, though it’s set up to be more freeing than anything.  It’s hosted by Lisa-Jo over at Gypsy Mama who I found through Jenny Rain who’s photography I follow.  What we’re supposed to do is write for five minutes straight but there’s a catch, we’re not allowed to edit, over think or backtrack.  Um, challenging much?  I’m not someone who finds that writing comes naturally to them, so I’ve decided to start taking part just to improve my writing brain muscles.  That said, for me to attempt to write this way, I need to walk away from the computer and pull out an old-fashioned pad of paper and pen.  I guess that’s fitting considering what the topic was for Friday (so I’m a few days late…sue me). 

Here goes nothing…

Prompt: Older

Often I’m surprised to find that I’m older than I think I am.  Am I really in the last year of my 20’s?  But then I go and do something that makes me seem older than I am…I still prefer to write by hand.  Isn’t that something that only older people do any more?  Don’t we type things out as opposed to scribbling?

I guess it comes back to my love of old things, and the stories each old item could tell.  A pen can surely tell more stories than a keyboard, after all a pen can go ANYWHERE.  Same with paper.  we can recycle it and a new piece of paper already has a story to tell.

Older things are more interesting, so it’s good that I’m older than I think.  At least I hope so!  That said, I wonder what I’ll think about me now when I am older?  I guess I’ll just have to wait that out.

(writing in italics is from after the five minutes were up, transcribed exactly as written on the paper) 




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2 responses to “Five Minute Friday:Older

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  2. Mum

    Neat idea. Also a good thing you like old things because that is us!
    xxoo Mum

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