Doctor Who Kitteh…

Okay, so this isn’t new, heck, I’ve previously posted this on my Facebook.  I also realize that not everyone follows me on Facebook (hi Mom!).  I do know that I heart heart this video.  Yes, I did use heart twice in that last sentence, it’s a Doctor Who reference…

Anyway, this video combines one of my all time favorite cat videos (ninja cat) with one of the most terrifying Doctor Who episodes ever (Don’t Blink).  Thank-fully this video not scary, it is however fantastically done.  Enjoy 🙂

As I said, I heart heart this video!


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One response to “Doctor Who Kitteh…

  1. Mum

    Just too cute, I had to watch it twice because I did not see the cat in the first couple of frames first time. Thanks for sharing, one of these days I just might join facebook.

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