Scotland Part 7 – St. Giles Cathedral

** For Glasgow posts please check parts 1, parts 2, parts 3 and parts 4 of my trip!**

**For Edinburgh posts please check part 5 and part 6 of my trip**

 Good news, we’re on the last Edinburgh post, and then there are only two or three more posts to sum up the whole trip!  I think I just might get you all caught up before November (and the one year anniversary of my trip) like I said I would.  What part of Edinburgh are we visiting today?  We’re taking a brief tour of St. Giles Cathedral

I already spent some time waxing poetic about the Glasgow Cathedral, and I’m not going to lie, I liked that one a bit more.  That said, St. Giles was amazing and the Thistle Chapel was magnificent.  Apparently one of the many carved angels in the Thistle Chapel can be found holding a bagpipe, I was not able to locate said angel.  The stone work, columns, stained glass and general character of St. Giles was rather impressive.  While I may have a slight preference for the Glasgow Cathedral, I was still awestruck at the majesty found in St. Giles. 

Here is your chance to take a peak 🙂

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