Scotland Part 6 – Harry Potter in Edinburgh

** For Glasgow posts please check parts 1, parts 2, parts 3 and parts 4 of my trip!**

**For Edinburgh part 1 please go here**

In my last post I promised Harry Potter related landmarks.  For those of you who are not Harry Potter (HP) geeks or fans this post is not for you.  Feel free to wait for my next post.  If you’re a HP fan like me, this might be just up your alley.  As we were taking our walking tour of Edinburgh (remember this was through Sandman’s New Europe Tours) our Guide Owen asked if any of us wanted to see sites related to HP…thankfully I was in a tour group where about 95% of us gave a resounding YES! 

Up until this tour I had no idea that J.K. Rowling wrote the first few books in a small cafe in Edinburgh.  This cafe is called The Elephant House and I was able to see the window she sat at, and the plaque they have placed on the front of the building.

From her seat in The Elephant House she was able to see a private school and the Edinburgh Castle both of which gave her inspiration for Hogwarts.  We also went to Greyfriars Kirk (also home to Greyfrairs Bobby), and went into the cemetery.  Why would we go wandering amongst the grave stones?  Simple, apparently Rowling got many of her characters names from the head stones.  The most notable of them being:

Yep, that’s right Voldemort!


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