First Love

Everyone has a first love, someone, or something, that they will never forget and that shaped them in some way.  Most people it’s a person, for some of us, it’s an animal.  I have had a few. My Oliver is without a doubt my first Kitty cat love.  Our Riley will always have a very special place in my heart.  When it comes down to the very nitty-gritty, it was Shannon that is my true first love. 

Shannon was already 7 years old when I entered the picture, and from what I hear he adapted fantastically to the addition of a screaming, demanding, attention seeking baby (some things never change, eh?).  I’ve heard so many stories of how he’d watch over me, or just move over so I could have fun without hurting him.  I remember playing in the basement in Germany and talking away to Shannon as if he was part of the game with me.  Really, he was a great dog. 

I don’t remember the day he passed away, though Mom has told the story more times than I can count.  Turns out just as Shannon took my arrival into his life, I took his departure from my with relatively good spirts…I was only six.  If you’ve done the math on this one that does mean that Shannon made it to 13 years – just shy of his fourteenth birthday non-the-less.

So today we remember someone, or something, that touched us.  Please share your stories, or at the very least take a few moments of your day to look back and remember.



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