Scotland Part 2 – Glasgow

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Where to start with Glasgow?  Everything was so amazing that it’s hard to pick a launching point, so, I guess I’ll start with the places closest to my hostel; University of Glasgow, the Botanic Gardens and Kelvingrove Art Gallery.

The University of Glasgow is an impressive building and has a list of alumni to match.  The two names that most stuck in my head were Lord Kelvin (physicist and creator of the Kelvin scale) and Joseph Lister (a pioneer of antiseptic surgery) – granted that most likely because I remember learning about them when I was in Uni.  Other notables include; Adam Smith, James Watt, John Logie, Joseph Black, Sir John Boyd Orr and Francis Hutcheson…all in all, a rather impressive list!  Though I have to say, it wasn’t the alumni that caught my attention, it was the building its self.  The main tower is an open lattice style peak, and the building is a beautiful stone structure.  To make things even better, the University is located on top of a hill and looks out over the city.  Wow!

See what I mean?  What a rather impressive looking building!

I have to admit, I’m completely and totally drawn to old buildings and greenhouses.  There is just something so beautiful about both.  Luckily for me, not one was the University of Glasgow a five-minute walk from my hostel, but the Botanic Gardens were a five-minute walk in the opposite direction!  Now, I’m not going to lie, they were nowhere near as impressive as the ones in Sydney which I suspect will always be one of my favorite gardens, however it was November and the grounds were pretty dead.  The greenhouses on the other hand were stunning.  One of the greenhouses was that gorgeous old style of wrought iron and glass and filled with lush green plants.  Due to the grey November days, I did spend several hours just enjoying the warm peace of the greenhouses.  I highly recommend them.

To finish up todays journey to Glasgow the Kelvingrove Art Gallery.  Let me preface this with one fantastic feature of Glasgow, all of the public Gallery’s and museums are free, yep, you read that correctly F-R-E-E!  What a treat 🙂  Now, I’ll also admit I’m not a huge fan of Art Galleries the only reason I initially entered Kelvingrove was because I was cold and wet, and it looked warm and dry.  I won’t lie and say I went back several times or even that I spent several hours there, but I will admit I enjoyed the hour or so I was there.  There were paintings, armor, jewelery, sculptures, a grand organ and so much more.  I don’t even remember what it all was.  That said, I don’t think I’ll ever forget the hanging display of faces; it was both fascinating and creepy at the same time.  What I will say, is that the outside of the building was gorgeous – as older grand buildings are.  Not only is Kelvingrove an old building, it’s also a red sandstone building, which somehow seems to add an air of authority to it.  Maybe because it stands out from the usual grey stone buildings you see.  I think I’d like to go back and on a day that I’m in the right mind-set spend a full day there actually looking at everything.



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