Twenty-eight and learning to be a “real” Canadian

I’ve always joked that I’m a really bad Canadian.  Sure, I’m polite, welcoming and fair.  I am well aware that there are other countries and cultures out there, and I always get offended when people think I’m American (sorry to my American relatives).  The thing is I hate winter, I abhor snow, I don’t curl and worst of all, I don’t follow hockey.  That last one, the hockey thing, that’s a pretty big one.  Even though hockey isn’t the national sport of Canada (Lacrosse is), it might as well be.  If you want to stir up a Canadian and try to make them lose that inherent politeness we are known for, just make fun of their hockey team.  This is Canada’s sport, and EVERYONE knows that; everyone but me it would seem.

I’ve decided it times for me to right some of my wrongs.  Sure I didn’t watch either gold metal game during the winter olympics, though I was thrilled to hear we won both of them.  At this point you might be asking ‘how can Kirsten ever dream of fixing such a horrible wrong?’  Simple, I entered the office hockey pool for the Stanley cup! Uh, wait, pool…does that mean I have to pick a team?  Crap.  The only teams I know are the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Montreal Canadiens, the Ottawa Senators, and whatever city the Penguins are in.  Did any of those teams make it to the playoffs?  For the record, I do know that the Penguins and the Canadiens did (go me!).  So, how am I supposed to pick a team?  Enter my friend Cote.  He very graciously make me a list of all the teams in the playoffs – from memory – and put them in the order he would pick if he was in the pool.  Well, what team do I have?  Washington. 

So, maybe I’m not making a lot of progress, as I only figured out what the team name is when I went on a hunt for the logo.  That said, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that every time someone tells me what the status is on my team they are still in.  Heck, I’m hoping the win the darn thing!



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2 responses to “Twenty-eight and learning to be a “real” Canadian

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  2. Mum

    Excluding your brother who is right into hockey, you are your parents daughter. I laughed. xxooMum

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