Oliver fights back

I’m the older sibling, which means that like all older siblings I feel like the younger one gets away with me.  Sometimes we all wish that are parents had stopped after we came along, after all, what more could they have wanted?  In reality we all love our younger siblings and most of the time wouldn’t really consider trading them for anything.  I say this, because I get that look Oliver gives me sometimes when Barkis is being bad or particularly annoying.  I understand why there are times that he doesn’t bring my attention to the fact that Barkis has once yet again locked himself in the closet – damn little bugger is so quick and sneaky about it too.  I get it really I do…so, why can’t he be like normal older sibling and take his aggression out on the younger?

 Last night, just before I was about to head off to bed I heard what can only be described as an inhuman yowl.  My goodness, I’ve heard a lot of crazy noises from the cats, but this one was a good one.  When I made it to Oliver to investigate, I discovered that instead of picking on Barkis, he decided to try to pick a fight with the neighbourhood cat through the window.  I swear my cat was twice is normal size and that his noises could be heard over in Dartmouth.  What was the other cats reaction?  He really didn’t care.  So there I am, trying to catch, maintain a hold on, and remove Oliver from the window, all the while I’m also attempting to chase the other cat away.  And in true younger sibling style, Barkis had to come running over to check things out and get in the way.

As I said, I get where Oliver is coming from, and I love both of them dearly, but really, couldn’t he try to fight something that one can fight back, and two, he might have a chance of beating?


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