Sunshine and long days

It’s day 2 of a beautiful weekend and I’ve only managed to spend about 2 minutes outside enjoying it.  Yesterday I spent the day in front of the computer doing a little bit of work on the blog, nothing overly noticeable until you go up to “501 Destination” at which point you’ll see I’ve added sub-groups and even have an active link now.  I’ve also started the long and tedious process of reducing the overwhelming number of photos on some posts.  I’m not looking forward to the rest of it, as they will have to be done on the old computer and it is SLOW.

Of course those two things didn’t take all day, I lost a ton of time trying to get a mass of photos sent off for printing – 796 to be exact.  I got into a small fight with the photo upload program, but I was eventually successful and I will be picking them up today.  This means today is lost to the purchase of a new photo album and getting all this photos into order and safely tucked into the album. 

Here’s to hope regular posting for this one month challenge of mine resume tomorrow as planned, and really, I’ve only missed two days so far 🙂  I hope everyone is having a great weekend, and that if you have nice weather, you’re enjoying more so than I am!


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