Coolest place on earth!

Have I ever told you that I love the show Daily Planet?  To me this is the flag-ship show for Discovery Channel, the whole reason that the channel is so fascinating and amazing.  Every time I tune in I find myself saying things like ‘huh?’, ‘wow!’, ‘really?’, ‘oh’, ‘that’s so cool’, and ‘I’ve GOT to see/do/hear/ect that for real!’  I have memories of trying to figure out the answers the Mindbender with my Dad, back when the answers weren’t announced for a week because you had to mail them in – now you get the answers the next day!  The things I learned thanks to the Alan Nursall Experience are some of the reasons I ended up getting a Biology degree and why I still read books about Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy and of course Biology.  This is one of my favorite kinds of television, the kind that makes me think and that sets my imagination on fire (also why I adore good Sci-Fi).

On today’s episode of Daily Planet there was a segment that I wish I’d seen before my last trip to Germany, and as a result I’ve already decided that the next time I go I need to back to Hamburg if only for the experience.  Just what am I talking about, why Miniatur Wunderland.  It’s a world of miniatures – there are trains, planes (in progress) and automobiles.  There are people going about their daily lives, wild animals, and apparently even a penguin family waiting for a train!  You can visit places in Europe and America, all in little, teeny, tiny versions.  It sounds like a souped up version of my Dad’s train set; which just happens to be one of my favorite things ever, the memories of that thing top the Daily Planet Memories!

Since you may not have watched Daily Planet today, and you’re most likely not in the middle of planning a trip to Hamburg I’m attaching the official Miniatur Wunderland video.  I hope it excites your imagination the way it has mine 🙂



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2 responses to “Coolest place on earth!

  1. Mum

    We saw this program a while ago, Dad was sooo impressed. He called me downstairs to watch. Really is unbelievable. I think he would also like to see it. xxMum

    • kirstenh

      Tell Dad to go to YouTube and look up “Gerrits Tagebuch” it’s all about the process of building the new airport as journaled by the head design guy. I didn’t link it in the post because most of my readers don’t speak German. It’s really neat to learn about the process and to see how they work through unexpected issues they have.

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