After five months I’ve finally managed to put together my notes and photos from that random little jaunt to Scotland last year.  The reason it took so long is really quite simple, I’m fond of procrastination and easily lose track of time.  Guess it was never one of those things that is overly important to me, sort of like names and faces.  What can I say, I’m just not one of those people! 

The trip was, to put it lightly, amazing.  My one week there was nowhere near enough time, and I would gladly go back in a heartbeat.  I saw and did so many things that there is no way I can get it all in one post, therefore I will break the story of my trip into several.  At this time my guess is that 4-5 posts will be required, though that number could easily increase or decrease.  Lets start with Glasgow, after all, that was my home base for the week.

My first day started at 730 when my planes landed – bright and early, and of course me with no sleep during the night.  The first stop I had planned was to boot it over the Bunkum hostel where I had booked a bed.  Not a bad place, quite nice when you consider the cost was a measly £13 per night!  Within my first few hours I discovered two of my favorite places: the University of Glasgow (up the street from the hostel) and the Botanic Gardens.  Of course I also spent several hours wandering around town lost, needless to say, exploring while sleep deprived easily leads to this situation.

Days two and three of my trip were also spent in Glasgow.  Being as I wanted to cover as much ground as possible, I bought myself a ticket to the hop on hop off bus tour and started finding my way.  Thanks to this tour I found my favorite place of all, the Glasgow Cathedral – I will spend a post on this place alone!  Other places I explored were the Peoples Palace, the Glasgow Science Centre, Kelvingrove Art Gallery, the Willow Tea Room, Central Station and the pedestrian streets – Buchanan St, Argyle St, and Sauchiehall St.  I managed to make way to the Underground, which I can assure you was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life.  The platforms for several of the stations are very narrow with the trains coming on both sides.  To make it even worse, the tunnels for the trains appear to be such a tight fit that you can’t help but wonder if the train will get stuck.  Give me the TTC over the SPT any day.  Of course this didn’t stop me from buying multi-pass and quickly becoming familiar with the stops closest to my favorite destinations.

I could go on for quite a while yet about Glasgow, so I think I shall end this post here, and save the rest for another day.  Next up, details of all these wonderful places 🙂

*photos to follow*



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  9. Mum

    I am happy that you are finally getting to tell us all about your trip to Scotland and I am really looking forward to the pictures.

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