Customers and old friends

In October my place of work was amazing enough to send me to Newfoundland for a few days to attend the annual conference that our sales reps attend.  For me this was not only a great chance to get away and go on a little trip, but I also got to meet several of the customers that I’ve been building relationships with for the last couple of years.  Considering I’d spent hours on the phone with them, or emailing back and forth that in my mind I had very firm ideas of what they would look like…I was off on most of them!  Alas, that is as much time I will spend on that part of my trip, after all, it is my general policy to not talk about my job or place of employment on here. 

When I was told I would get to go to Newfoundland I was also given the option of delaying my flight out by a day or two.  Obviously I jumped on the opportunity and ended up staying three full days after the conference.  To make things even more fun, my old neighbour Chris is now living out in St. John’s so we were able to make plans to get together and spend some time hanging out. 

After we wrapped up at the conference I took a bed in the local hostel and got down to having fun and exploring.  Being as Chr is works for a living there were several hours in each day (morning and early afternoon) in which I had to keep myself entertained. Being fond of travelling alone, this was not an issue for me.  I spent hours wandering around the city of St. John’s and took two separate hikes up Signal Hill.  One of the most fun things about St. John’s is just how colorful of a city it is.  As someone I know jokingly said one time, it must be law that when picking the color to paint your house, you have to pick a color that hasn’t already been used on that street! Because of this, even when it’s rainy, foggy, or just plain grey (as pretty much the whole time I was in town) everything is still bright and beautiful. 

Not only is the city literally colorful, there are lots of great things to look at.  I personally am a huge fan of old buildings, and in particular the look and stylings of old churches and cathedrals.  It’s just so neat to see what a group of people can come up with and build when they put their minds to it, even if they don’t have much.  Needless to say I kept coming back to the Basilica in town.  I never did go in it, I always seemed to come by just before or during mass.  But I greatly enjoyed admiring the outside of the building.

As I mentioned a few paragraphs ago, I also hiked up Signal Hill a couple of times.  The first time I went up, it was grey, cold and very windy.  In spite of that I spent several hours exploring one side.  The next time I went up, the weather was much better…as in I actually saw some sunshine!  Don’t get me wrong, it was still cool and quite windy, but at least the sun was shining.  That second time I wandered along the other side of the Hill and back around to St. John’s harbour.


The evenings when I was hanging out with Chris were a blast!  One night we went out with a bunch of his friends, and just tried to find a place to hang out.  Being a Friday night it was rather busy in town and it took a while.  I have to say, Chris has some pretty cool friends.  The other nights we spent chatting and hanging out with his Dad and step Mom.  While that might not sound overly exciting I think it might have been the highlight of my trip.  See, I’ve known Chris since I was 12, but never in all those years did we ever really get to know each other.  Now, I realize that I’d known this person who could be an awesome friend my whole life…of course now we live in two totally different provinces, but that’s beside the point.  At least we know we get along 🙂

On my last day in town, Chris and his Dad took me out to Loggy Bay (not sure on the spelling) and we managed to do a little bit of exploring and visiting with the seals that live there.  If it hadn’t been so cold (it was mid October) I could have gladly stayed there watching the seals all day.  Alas, it was cold, and both Chris and his Dad had work they needed to do. 

So, that there was my quick, yet rather full, visit to Newfoundland this past fall.  Here’s to hoping work sends to another conference or something soon so I can stay over and explore another place!


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