October visits

Back in early October my mother came for a brief visit.  Since she’s been hearing about Mayfly for AGES now, she really wanted to meet her.  I made arrangements with Mayfly’s father to take her for the Saturday morning and the three of us headed off to the Discovery Centre.  I had never been before, but Mayfly ensured me it was pretty darn cool.  To make it even more cool, RBC was letting EVERYONE in for free that day!  Something to do with the opening of a water exhibit they had sponsored.  Whatever the reason, we weren’t complaining.

Now, I’ll agree with Mayfly that the place was pretty cool, however growing up with the Ontario Science Centre (one of my most favorite places I might add), it was a little underwhelming.  That said, we all had a great time, and once Mayfly got used to my Mom, there was no stopping the stream of words coming pouring out of her mouth!

Following our visit to Nova Scotia’s place to play (I think that is their saying…I could be mixing them up with someone else though :S) we went out for lunch.  Sadly after that we did have to return Mayfly to her Father as she had a play date scheduled.  The rest of mom’s visit was quite nice.  Now I just need more visitors…who’s game?

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