Fundy National Park, AKA the camping trip

As I have previously mentioned, back in August I took M camping for most of a week…we spent our time exploring Fundy National Park.  This is also when we finally get to announce her new blog name, drum roll please – Mayfly!  I’ll explain it shortly.  Back to our trip.

We left on a Friday morning and after a decent car drive arrived at the park (we didn’t even get lost once!). Mayfly was a huge help getting the site set up and helping me figure out how my tent goes up.  Side note, while my tent had been previously used and slept in by me, I’d never had to set it up before, thankfully it is a really easy tent to figure out.  Following that we headed into Alma for a quick visit and to pick up a few things for breakfast.

As everyone knows, every camping trip needs a camp fire, so Mayfly very patiently waited while I went to start it…three tries later, she was still patient.  After 45 minutes of trying to get the darn thing lit, she was not so patient and was instead attempting to dig an old tent peg out of the ground.  We never did get a good fire going that night 😦

We spent the next day hiking within the Park.  Our first hike was a two hour “Incredible Edible Forest” tour with a guide from the park.  We discovered that you CAN eat bunch berries – I’d always been told they were posionous – that yellow birch tastes like mint, and that there are several other rather yummy things to be found in the forest.  After the two hours we had reached the end of the trail, and then had to work our way back on our own.  I have to give Mayfly credit, she didn’t whine once again all the walking!  In the afternoon we tackled another hike, and went Geocaching at the same time.

Geocaching…I promised an explanation for the new name, at it has to do with this awesome and fun outdoor activity.  To be a geocacher you need to have a geocaching name, mine is FiresAngel.  So we wanted something for M, and we didn’t want anything that would give away who she is.  she picked MayFly, and I really like it, so here we have her new name for the blog.  Makes her seem more real too!

Back to the trip.  Mayfly found her first real cache that day, and she was flying high…so high in fact that she chose the longest route around for that hike and loved every second of it!  The waterfall photos are from that hike (Dickson Falls). After all that hiking we hit up the lake for a swim and a then headed back for supper, campfire – that I managed to get going this time – and bed time.

On Monday Mayfly and I headed off to Hopewell Rocks, which if we’re going to be totally honest is the whole reason I picked Fundy for the trip!  We got there at low tide and didn’t leave until high tide.  We started the day off by wandering around the mud flats.  I got stuck a few times, Mayfly’s hat few off into the mud several times and we both were COATED in mud by the end of it.  Let me tell you, playing in the mud and watching Mayfly have so much fun in the mud just may have to be the highlight of the trip for me.  Once we headed back in, we ate lunch, did some more geocaching, wandered the park a bit and then headed back to the flower pot rocks to watch the tide come in.  We were both very impressed with just how quickly they came in, I don’t think either of us expected it to be so obvious.  We left tired but happy, and Mayfly was sound asleep by the time the park was five minutes behind us!

After all our hiking and exploring we spend the remainder of the trip taking it a little easier.  We did a little more hiking, spend some time in Sussex, and just hung out.  All in all it was a great camping trip and I am planning on taking her again next year, where we’ll go has yet to be determined…any suggestions?


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