Cape Split

While Sarah and I were planning the new Guiding year, we got talking about fun outside activities, such as all the hiking we did in Cape Breton. This lead to her mentioning that she’d always wanted to hike Cape Split, but never had, and would I like to join her one day? Um…hell ya!

Therefore on a gorgeous Saturday in September we piled ourselves into my car and drove off on an adventure. The hike it’s self wasn’t anything spectacular, other than the “raging rivers” (the path had water all over it because it had poured the night before) we had to hop over, the view at the end, was Amazing. Yes, that is Amazing with a capital A. The whole thing, lunch break included, took us about 4 hours, and I would do it again.

After the hike, we stopped by a u-pick so that Sarah could acquire some apples, if I remember the amount correctly is about 140 lbs of apples we picked. I gave up on the picking part way through after my third encounter with an earwig – those of you who know me well, know how terrified I am of those things. Interestingly enough, scaring Kirsten with earwigs wasn’t the end of it. While weighing all those apples, the chickens decided they were interested in me, and wouldn’t leave me alone until I ran off to the other end of the parking area…damn birds.

Well, I know there isn’t much in the way of a story this time, but I do have pictures…enjoy!

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2 responses to “Cape Split

  1. Mum

    Beautiful, I trust that is Sarah standing at the edge of the cliff?

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