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** This post is several months overdue, but there will be several more coming over the next short while to get you caught up with my life in the last 5 or 6 months. **

As many are aware I am a Girl Guide leader.  What you might not know is what that means, and what on Earth I do.  The short and simple story is, every Tuesday I go and along with three other leaders keep 14 girls aged 9-11 happy, interested, and entertained while helping them build life skills and knowledge.  Hey, I just made it sound like something that is beyond awesome!  In all honesty though, it can be very challenging – mentally, emotionally and physically – but it is one of the most satisfying and fun things I’ve ever done.  Now that our Guide year has ended, I wanted to do a post covering some of the highlights and challenges of the year.  There will be pictures, however I will not use the names of any of the girls (other than M), and if one of the girls is on here, she has a signed media release.

This year we did a lot of program work, and helped the girls earn several badges, including computer skills, conservation, event planning, and ecology.  We also completed a several challenges such as two parts of the Cross Canada challenge (we had a Chinese New Year party!), the Arthritis challenge and the Cybercitizen challenge.  There were also several parties including the just mentioned Chinese New Year party.  We also had a Halloween party, a Mexican themed party and a Christmas party!  I think the girls (and us leaders) just might be partied out.  We even took the girls camping THREE times (I missed one Camp because I was in Ontario meeting Bit’s little baby boy).

We spent two weeks doing community service with the girls, and since not only did they have a great time with it, I think it’s a good cause, I thought I would share it.  We participated in the Yellow Fish Road Project.  In other words, with Girl Guides Canada and HRM’s permission we are ran around spray painting fish and writing on storm drains to raise awareness about what goes down the drain goes into the Ocean (as in our case) or Lakes.  The girls did so well, and people were impressed enough that they were written up in the Community Herald!

Another large thing we participated in was the 100 year celebration of Guides in Canada.  Along with nearly 2000 other girls we celebrated on Saturday at the Halifax Forum.  We participated in several different activities, learned some great African dances and just partook in a huge party.  There were four rally sites in Nova Scotia as well as several across the country.  The girls were exposed to old uniforms (including one that looked suspiciously like my old Guide uniform), images from the first few years of Guiding in Canada, and songs they had never sung before.  I thought the best part was that while we were celebrating we knew that there were thousands of other girls across the country celebrating at the same time.  As someone who has been in Guiding since the age of 6 it was pretty darn powerful.

Last but not least, the year went out with a bang with our District Spring Camp.  Our until as well as the other Guide unit, the Brownie unit AND the Spark unit went camping on Father’s Day weekend.  In our defense, we didn’t realize that it was Father’s Day when we booked the camp!  It was an amazing weekend but it was exhausting.  The leaders in our unit ended up running most of the stuff going on, as well as being the food providers – so we were played out by the end.  That being said, the girls had a great time and couldn’t wait for their next camping trip…in particular because this time we were tenting!  Sadly I was way too busy to take any photos of the weekend, so you’ll just have to trust me when I say it was a blast 🙂

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5 responses to “Back to Guiding

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  2. Shannon

    I love seeing the pictures! 😀 Great job on the Yellow Fish Road project and especially on getting an article written about it. The girls must have been so proud and excited to see their work getting recognized. Curiously, in Ottawa, the drains themselves have fish shapes on them (sudden idea: even though our girls don’t paint them, we could still perhaps drop leaflets about what the fish symbols mean. . .huh! cool. What can I say, you’re inspiring! 😀 )

    Btw, there’s still that postcard exchange, if you and the girls are interested: ? : D

    • kirstenh

      I’m glad you enjoyed the photos 🙂 hopefully you guys can also do something like the Yellow fish road thing, the girls LOVE it! Totally was thinking about the letter writing thing, just couldn’t remember the site…thanks!

  3. Mum

    I love it. I know you have been very busy, but I am very impressed in what you have accomplished. You and the other leaders should be very proud. Were there any uniforms like your old brownie one?

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