Another Conversation

During a conversation with M about how many different things we could do for $11000 (the cost of a dress on “Say Yes to the Dress”)


M: Now I want to steal that dress…but I don’t know where she lives.

pauses to think for a minute

M: I’d go after the wedding at the party when she changes, no wait, I’d go see her in the bathroom and ask to see her dress off of her.  And then I’d tell her to leave because I need to go to the bathroom.  Then I’d stuff it in my purse…

Me: I think it might be hard to get in in a purse

M: Then I’d stuff it into a coffin….

Me: doubled over laughing at this point

M: I’d get the coffin by taking the dead body out, and then I’d bring it with me…


I honestly have no idea what came next, I was laughing too hard by now.  Oh children!



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2 responses to “Another Conversation

  1. Mum

    Went to a wedding last weekend and the bride had a dress from”say yes to the wedding,” knew it was exprensive just because of who they were, but $11k- nuts. I think I know people with too much money. Not us, this is a good thing.

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