Summer Twenty Ten

I recently came across the idea of making a “Bucket List” for the Summer.  While making a normal Bucket List is a great idea, one that you can complete in just a few months seems like a great way to ensure you have a fun-filled Summer.  My goal is to complete the entire list prior to Winter (I need to include Fall for the simple reason the weather tends to be better than Summer) and post about each one.  I’ll try to remember to come back and link to this list as I cross each one off.  So without further adieu here is my current list:

Summer 2010 “Bucket” List

1) go swimming in Chocolate Lake

2) Sleep under the stars (no tent)

3) Go somewhere in Nova Scotia where I have not yet been

4) Enter and compete in some kind of competition

5) go camping at least once in June, July and August

6) take 1000 (no more, no less) photos in one day

7) Swim in the ocean

8.) Visit at least three museums

9) Locate 50+ caches



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6 responses to “Summer Twenty Ten

  1. I like it. A lot. That’s a really good way to sort out “Stuff I should do for my own mental health”. I have to say though, some of those seem ambitious. 50+ caches? Wow. Maybe they’re easier to find than I imagine though . . .

    In any case, best of luck doing these, and I look forward to hearing about them!



    • kirstenh

      I’m thinking 50+ caches should be a good solid callenge, plus it means I’ll always have something I can be doing! There are a ton right by my house and a whole lot more right by work. If I find all of those (if being the big word there) I think I’ll have my 50 :S

  2. Nicole Goodwin

    love the bucket list! have you seen mine on facebook (under “notes”)

    • kirstenh

      I did, and I love your list. I’d like to make a big one, but it just seems so daunting, so for now I think I’m going to do seasonal ones and see how many different things I can cross off that way!

  3. Jenn

    Hey! Good idea, maybe I should come up with one. I like your sleeping under the stars bit!

    • kirstenh

      Thanks, I wish I could remember where I saw the idea orignally, they dude had rules and everything! If nothing else it promises to be a fun summer 🙂

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