Canadian Pride

What do unspoilt nature, clean lakes and Mounties have in common?  Three things that we Canadian’s are known for (along with being polite and peacekeepers).  And while we may love our Tim Horton’s coffee, and a good hockey game (I’m such a horrid Canadian in that capacity) we are not known for our national pride.  Don’t get me wrong, the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games threw that opinion out the window for a short time frame, surprising even us, but when you get right down to it, we’re fairly low-key.  For this reason, and that reason alone, I think this video is awesome.  It shows Canadian Pride without being obnoxious and in your face. 



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2 responses to “Canadian Pride

  1. The fact that the chick is hot wouldn’t have anything to do with the amount that you like that video now would it? 😉

    Good find.



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