Getting old…

As you may have noticed while looking at the photos I posted from James and Christina’s wedding I am now wearing glasses.  Yes, currently that means that Brian is the only one in the family NOT wearing glasses, and I’m sure his day will come…when we’re old and grey!

I am actually thrilled to be wearing these things, even if it does mean I have to clean them all the time.  At least all my headaches and eye strain from the last 12 years have finally gone away!  I’m so glad I finally met an eye doctor that took me seriously and gave me a proper eye exam.  And I’ve already learned one important lesson, next time I’m getting transition lenses!

Welcome to aging Kirsten, I’m sure it will only go down hill from here!



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4 responses to “Getting old…

  1. Chris Ringrose

    Looking great!

    • kirstenh

      Thanks Chris. Let me tell you I had a hell of a time finding a pair that didn’t overwhelm my teeny tiny child sized head!

  2. Mum

    I love the glasses. They look great on you. Just under 4 weeks until you are even older. How can that be when I still think of me as in my 30’s. Oh well. Love you.

    • kirstenh

      Thanks Mom! Not only for the compliment but for also reading with out prompting! I’m so proud of you. At the rate you’re going you just might start texting.

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