As you may remember just two months ago Barkis and I spent some quality time at the emergency vet.  Thankfully this most recent spat of illness didn’t require a trip to the emerg, it did however require a trip to the regular vet and me missing out on M’s 4.5 km run in the Bluenose (she ran it in under 18 min!  I’m so very proud of her!).

About 2 weeks ago now M noticed that Barkis was sneezing, and since cats do that sometimes I didn’t think anything of it, and told her not to worry.  Well, when he woke up last Saturday by sneezing on me I began to wonder, since he’d never stopped.  Plus I finally clued in that for the last few days he had been crying a lot.  What did I do?  I got on the phone with the vet and started asking questions.  They told me to bring him in, and booked me for 11:40 that day.  M’s race started at 11, downtown.  There was no way I could get to the race, watch it, get home, get Barkis and get over to the vet.  I missed M’s race 😦

So what is wrong with the Cat?  Allergies.  Yes that is right, my cat, the one that is “special” and has anxiety and urinary issues, also has allergies.  I don’t even want to know what comes next.  The solution?  Give him 10 mg of Benedryl twice a day.  Okay, no biggie, stop at the pharmacy and we’re good to go!  Nope, of course not.

Did you know that Benedryl comes in 12.5 mg increments, not 5 or 10?  I didn’t either.  This meant that I ended up buying the liquid stuff, going home, and re-discovering the joys of cross multiplication to find  x.  In case you ever need to give someone 10 mg of Benedryl it’s 4 mL, I’ll save you the math.  I’m sure you already realized what this means.  Yep, somehow I have to get a total of 8 mL in my Cat every day for five days.

I’ll spare you the details of what that involved, and how many of us it sometimes took (all three!) but man you should see what Barkis looks like AFTER.  It’s hilarious and cute and sad all at the same time.  So, without further adieu, here are several photos of Barkis.

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