We’re going to the chapel

and we’re gonna get married.

Okay, I’m not getting hitched thank-you very much!  However one of my really good friends just married the love of his life and I wanted to share a little of this wonderful day.

The wedding was held in the Valley, in a beautiful church with wonderful old wooden pews and a magnificent wooden ceiling.  I didn’t get many photos simply because the lighting really wasn’t great for pictures.  We then went to a reception at the “Old Orchard Inn” and had a great meal, and fantastic night.  M was out on the dance floor as if she was a full-fledged party girl!  Oh the teenage years terrify me.

I think James made a very dashing Groom, and his bride Christina was simply glowing.  All in all it was a grand time, and makes me look forward to the next time one of my friends gets married (I’m sure there is another engagement coming up, we are in that age range).

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2 responses to “We’re going to the chapel

  1. Lis

    I love this picture! You both look great and I get to see your glasses! Yay!

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