Okay, so this is a little delayed and lacking in photos as for some stupid reason I didn’t pull out my camera once!  But last Wednesday M hit the double digits.  The double digits people!  That’s almost a teenager…OMG, we’re all doomed.

Well, I supposed not ALL off us are doomed, however those of us who live with her are hunkering down preparing the teenage storm that might hold off until the teens, but could just as easily start tomorrow :S

C and I lucked out and it was our week to have M for this big day.  The three of us, C’s ex and his parents all went out for supper with M.  It was quite nice, and needless to say with that many adults with almost all attention on M she was rather spoilt!  Once we managed to drag M home I pulled out a few of the cupcakes I lovingly made for (and forgot to photograph).  Mmmm, they were so good that I am not thankful they are all gone and that I am going to bootcamp with several of my friends on Wednesday.

Well, I can honestly say that M had a great birthday.  The cats bought her a notebook so when she can’t tell them all her thoughts she can write it down as if they were there with her.  I got her a super cute pair of shorts and several out side games – the badminton rackets were the biggest hit – and C got M clothes and a new computer!  Lucky kid.

So, if you’d be so kind, send M some wonderful belated happy birthday wishes!  I know she’s appreciate them 🙂


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