Let me start by saying this post is not acceptable for everyone, namely children and those disturbed by cursing. Please do not continue if you fall in these catergories.

Okay, now that I have taken care of that part of the post let me get into the meat and bones of it. I am posting two videos today as they are brilliant, and because they are a pair. These are the Oscar winning short Logorama. I first saw parts of the video when I wandered into the living room on Oscar night as C was watching them, and was instantly fascinated by the concept. That being said, within a short while I had forgotten all about them until I logged onto my Facebook only to find one of my friends had posted them and I had to watch. Well worth it. Watch them…right now.

Part 1

Part 2

Now I’m sure I could make all sorts of comments on the message in this, the imagery, and all that great stuff. However I’m not good at that, so I’ll leave it to you. Feel free to comment your thoughts and maybe, just maybe it will lead to an interesting discussion!


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